New girl.

Ryan and Chaz bring their new best friend Lex with them on vacation to Atlanta for the summer to visit Justin Bieber. But what happens when Justin and Lex start to fall for eachother? Will it work out? Read to find out ;)


9. Airport.

Justin's POV

I jumped awake and looked around. I was alone.

Justin- Lex?

I waited for a response but nothing. I jumped up and opened the door.

Justin- LEX, Baby!?

I waited for a response but nothing again. I went to her door and opened it not even bothering to knock. Then I heard the shower turn on. I walked over to the bathroom door and knocked on it.

Justin- Lex?

The door swung open. and I let out a loud breath. Was I holding my breath this whole time.

Lex-  I just left you like 2 minutes ago.

She giggled.

Justin- I guess I just can't sleep unless my baby is in my arms.

She smiled and blushed a little.

Justin- have I told you how cute you look in my clothes?

Lex- No, no you haven't.

Justin- Well then, you look so cute in my clothes I cant even take it.

Lex- Don't make me blush.

Justin- too late. And wheres my morning kiss?

She got on her tippy toes to kiss me and I just grabbed her face and stated kissing her all over her face. She put her hands on my stomach and just kept giggling. when I finally stopped she smiled at me.

Lex- The hot water is going to run out if I don't get in now.

Justin- I don't want you to go though.

I pouted and stuck my bottom lip out.

Lex- You know you pout a lot.

She was leaning up against the door frame and my hand was on the wall above her head. I leaned down closer to her.

Justin- you bring it out of me baby.

Lex- The water is getting cold.

Justin- Now how am I supposed to take a shower? I cant take a cold one.

I smirked, I knew exactly what I was doing. She put her hand on my stomach and I pushed her into the bathroom.

Lex- Lets conserve some water.

I laughed and she bit her lip. I looked into her eyes and  I grabbed at the end of her shirt, well my shirt on her, and I pulled it over her head. My eyes didn't leave hers the whole time. She pushed down my boxers and I put my hands on her waist and slid my hands down to her underwear, I just pushed them down. She turned around and pulled me into the shower with her. We were now both under the stream of hot water looking into each others eyes. Then she started giggling.

Justin- what?

Lex- I don't know. But we need to pack so we cant just stand here all day.

I laughed and grabbed the shampoo.

Justin- Turn around.

She giggled and I poured the shampoo on her head and started to lather it into her hair.

Justin- Close your eyes, I don't want to get soap in them.

She giggled that oh so cute little giggle of hers and I turned her back around and put her under the stream of water and started ring out her hair. Then she opened her eyes and handed me the conditioner. I turned her around again and repeated the same process I did with the shampoo.

Lex- Wash your hair now.

I quickly washed my hair and conditioned it. Then I grabbed the Body soap and poured some into my hands and started to rub it on her back. She turned around and grabbed the soap and poured some onto her hands and started rubbing it into my chest. We rubbed down both of each other down till we were clean. I reached beside her and turned off the water. We stepped out and got our own towels and dried ourselves off. I picked up my boxers off the floor and put them on and Lex went and got a clean pair of underwear and a clean bra. I jumped on the bed and laid down.

Justin- You get to meet my mom tomorrow.

Lex- Oh yeah, Chaz and Ry told me I would love her but I never got to meet her.

Justin- She was supposed to be here but she decided to go back home for a few weeks so she could relax and catch up with some friends or something.

Lex came and laid next to me on the bed and I just started to draw things on her stomach. She loves when I do this. Then Ryan walked in.

Ryan- Do you guys wanna go to lunch today?

I looked over at lex and then remembered what Lex was wearing, I rolled over on top of her and she started laughing.

Justin- She's mine now! You cant look at her! Only ME!

Ryan laughed.

Ryan- Chill dude. Its not like I haven't seen it before.

I looked at lex suspiciously and she started laughing.

Lex- Ew no. They just used to help me with what to wear and I would just get dressed in front of them.

I started to get kind of mad. I know I shouldn't because I didn't even know Lex then but still. I admit im jealous.

Justin- Not anymore, Get out.

Lex laughed and I pointed to the door.

Ryan- Okay just answer my question first.

Justin- Yeah sure.

Ryan- Okay. Bye you two little love birds.

Ryan left and I kissed Lex all over her face again, then just stayed still.

Lex- he's gone, you know you can get off of me know.

Justin- Yeah I know, but I don't wanna.

Lex grabbed my neck and started kissing me, our lips fit together and moved perfectly in sync. She pushed me over and straddled me and then broke the kiss and jumped off of me.

Justin- Oh no you didn't.

Lex- Oh yes I did!

I jumped up and started chasing her around. She ran out of her room and I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. I put my hand on her ass to keep her stable on my shoulder. I walked into my own room.

Justin-don't you run around naked. Im the only one who can see your sexy body.

I threw her on the bed and she started laughing.

Lex- I have to go get ready for lunch.

Justin- Okay.

She jumped up and I grabbed her waist and kissed her. She started walking out my door.

Justin- You better run, I don't want anyone seeing you baby.

I saw her smile then run to her and get ready.


Justins POV

We got back from lunch around a half hour ago right now I am in lex's room laying on her bed while she packs.

Lex- You know you told me you were coming in here to help me pack.

Justin- Okay fine.

I got up and grabbed some clothes from hangers and started to fold them and put them in her suit case. I sat down on the ground next to lex who was doing the same thing as me. I grabbed her waist and pulled her into my lap. She giggled and we just kept folding her clothes and putting them into her case. We finished packing her clothes and them we packed everything else.

Lex- Okay now its time to pack you up.

Justin- Ughh noooo. Cant we just cuddle!!

Lex- Youre the one who is going to have to pack tomorrow morning.

Justin- Fine ill pack now, but im not folding everything.

Lex- Okay. Then we can lay down and go to sleep.

We went into my room and I pulled out my suitcase.

Justin- Lay down baby, I know you're tired, I can pack my stuff.

I can see in her eyes how tired she is, I don't know why though.

Lex- Okay, can I have on of your shirts.

I walked over to her and pulled off her shirt, and pushed down her little shorts, she unhooked her bra and pulled it off. I placed my shirt of her head and picked her up and placed her on my bed. I pulled the covers over her and kissed her hair.

Justin- Ill be in bed in a few minutes baby.

Lex- Okay, hurry.

I quickly packed up my stuff and carried my suit cases and hers downstairs in 15 minutes. I walked back upstairs and Lex was asleep on my bed. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of her. She looked so cute and peaceful. I just stared at her for a few minutes just thanking god for letting me meet her. I love her so much I cant even take it. This past week has been probably the best week of my life. She is different than all the other girls. She isn't annoying like other girls, she doesn't use me for fame or money, she doesn't complain or fish for compliments, and she accepts my compliments and doesn't call herself ugly when I call her pretty. She is exactly the type of girl I like. and I am madly in love with her.

I laid down in bed next to her and pulled her as close to me as she could get and I placed my head in the crook of her neck.


Justins POV

I woke up to the annoying sound of my phone alarm. I reached my arm across lex quickly to turn it off. I swiped it off and looked at the time. 4:30 AM. Ughhh, why does scooter always book such early flights. I unlocked my phone to a text from scooter.

Be at airport at 5:30. Try not to bring the paps.

He's stupid does he think I want the paps to be there.

Alright, is mom going to be on the jet? I want her to meet Lex.

I waited a minute or two and he finally texted back.

Yeah and I have to talk to you about her.

I know he is just going to give me shit saying I cant have a relationship because it will make sales go down and I will lose fans and all that shit and the label blah blah blah. But I don't give a shit, this isn't just a little pointless kid relationship I actually love her. and I know teens and kids always say things like that but I thought I loved Selena when I was going out with her but then Lex came along. This is Love with me and Selena that wasn't love.

I didn't even text him back, I looked at my phone, it is 4:43. I better get my stuff together. I slowly pulled my arm from Lex so she wouldn't wake up. I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and ran to Chaz and Ryans rooms. I walked into Chaz's room and he was up getting his bags from his closet.

Justin- Oh good your up.

Chaz- Yeah, I already got Ry up too.

Justin- Okay good, im just going to let Lex sleep ill carry her to the car.

Chaz- Okay. And by the way are you going to actually spend some time with us while were on tour? Because you never leave Lex's side.

Justin- Yeah, Im sorry I just...

Chaz- Love her?

I blushed a little bit and nodded.

Chaz- Its okay I can tell she loves you too. She had a boyfriend back home and she told us she really liked him but around you she acts totally different. She looks at you and you could just see the love in her eyes.

Justin- Thanks dude that means a lot.

Chaz- Okay lets not get all mushy. We have to be at the airport soon.

Justin- Yeah okay!

I ran out of the room down the hall to my room. I grabbed mine and Lex's toilet bags and ran down stairs, I pulled out one of the suit cases with me because that was all I could carry. I pulled out the rest then went back upstairs. Lex was still sound asleep. I looked at my phone it is 5:03. I went to Lex and slowly pulled the blanket off of her. I put one arm under her knees and one under her shoulders and hoisted her up. Then her beautiful green eyes fluttered open.

Justin- Baby, im just taking you to the car. Were going to the airport.

Lex- Okay, I love you.

Justin- I love you too baby, so much.

She smiled and snuggled up to my chest. I slowly walked down stairs Ry and Chaz were waiting by the door.

Justin- Can one of you drive?

Ryan- sure.

I threw the keys to Ry and I scooted into the back seat, I pulled Lex over me so she was sitting on my lap and I put her head in the crook of my neck. I pulled the seat belt over us and Ryan started driving to the airport. Then I remember I forgot my wig at home. Shit now what am I going to do.

Justin- Chaz you need to give me your hoodie!

Chaz- What? Why?

Justin- Because I forgot my wig at home.

Chaz- fine.

He pulled off his hoodie and gave it to me. I put it next to me because I cant put it on while lex is on top of me. I then looked down and remembered lex has no pants on. I have to grab a pair of her pants now. UGHHH. We drove only 10 minutes then we got to the airport. Now I have to wake up Lex.

Justin- Baby? Baby?

Lex- Hmmm?

Justin- You have to get up and put pants on. Were at the airport.

Lex- Okay.

She got up and I reached back into the trunk area and opened up her suit case, I pulled out the first think I saw which was luckily a pair of leggings. I closed the suit case and handed her the leggings. She pulled them on and I pulled on my hoodie. Well Chaz's hoodie. We all got out of the car and took our suit cases. I took my suit case and duffel bag and one of Lex's because she had two. I left her the smaller one though.

Justin- Come on baby.

We all walked through the airport and finally got to the gate. I just cant believe no one recognized me. But when we got there scooter was on the phone looking out the big window.

Justin- Scooter!

Scooter- right on time. Okay lets get boarded.

We walked down some stairs to the outside and my private jet was in front of us. This young guy came up and took our bags. I could tell he was looking at Lex so I pulled her close to me and whispered to her.

Justin- That guy is looking at you.

Lex- Its okay baby, I'm only yours.

I squeezed her and we walked up the stairs to my jet. My mom was sitting on one of the seats.

Justin- MOM!

I ran to my mom and hugged her.

Pattie- Hi sweetie.

Justin- Mom, This is Lex.

I pulled lex close to me but she pulled away and hugged my mom.

Lex- Hi pattie. Ive heard so much about you. Im glad I finally get to meet you.

Pattie- Hi Lex. Ive heard so so so so much about you. Justin doesn't be quiet about you.

They both laughed and I could feel my cheeks turn pink.

Chaz- I call bed!

Scooter- I have one already theres only 2.

Ryan- Dang it. Dude share!

Chaz- Ew no!


Chaz- Fine. But don't get close to me.

They left for the bedroom and we all laughed. Then the flight attendant came out and said we need to sit down and prepare for take off.

Scooter- Pattie can I talk to you?

Pattie- Of course.

They both went into Scooters room and I turned Lex toward me.

Justin- I love you.

Lex- I love you more.

Justin- Not possible.

She giggled.

Justin- want to lay down and go to sleep?

Lex- Only if you are too?

Justin- I am.

I pulled her onto the row of four seats and we both laid down. I pulled her on top of me and her head was laying on my chest.

Justin- are you comfortable?

Lex- Very!

Justin- good. Now go to sleep.

She smiled and gripped onto my shirt. I laced my arms around her and drifted off into sleep.



Thank you for reading once again! I tried to make this chapter longer. & sorry if I always end the chapter in them going to sleep I just cant think of another way to end the chapter. Please Like my story! I want it to be more popular and I want people to read it more! Thank you! and also message me ideas! Love you guys! Leave feedback and LIKEEE!! <3

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