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2. Niall imagine

Hey everyone I just wanted to share on of my imagines that I wrote for someone else so you can see what my writing is like hope you like it... :)

Just in case you don't know Yn means your name :)


You and your best friend were walking around the local carnival hanging out when you accidentally bumped into someone you turned around to see none other than Niall horan from your favorite boy band one direction. I'm so sorry you kept saying over and over "it's not a problem it's so crowded it's not your fault" he said then you turned around to walk off then you felt someone tap you on your shoulder yes you said as you turned around Niall started to talk to you again "I didn't catch your name " "it's (Yn) " you responded "well (Yn) my friends all went off around the fair with there girlfriends so I was wandering if you would like to come hang out with me for a little while?" " of corse you responded." Then you realized you totally just ditched Emily. You pulled your phone out to txt her when you realized that she already texted you. " have fun (Yn) don't worry about me :) we can hang out another time you quickly responded "thanks em I will make it up to you I promise". After you texted Emily back you put your phone up and walked around the carnival with Niall. The two of you rode several rides and ate plenty of carnival food then it was time for the carnival to close you were a little disappointed because you were having such a good time with Niall. Then he brought you out of your thoughts "Brittany I had an amazing time with you tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come over and hang out and I can introduce you to my friends and you can meet there girlfriends but that's only if you want to it's ok if you don't." "I would love to Niall" you said more than happy to not have to end the night quite yet.

(Skip car ride)

You arrived at what you guessed was Nialls house he came over and opened your door then the two of you walked in. As soon as you entered you saw four boys and there girlfriends all sitting around watching tv. When they noticed you they introduced them selfs as Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn not that they needed to like I said before they were like your favorite boy band ever. The the girls all introduced them selfs you all got along so easily out like you have known each other your entire life's it was so much fun. At about one o'clock in the morning you all crashed. It's funny because you diddnt even plan to stay the night but you were glad you did because the next morning Niall did exactly what you wanted him to he asks you to be his girlfriend you accepted and you were so thankful for that accidental bump from the day before :)

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