These are my imagines you want one let me know...

Who with (anyone you want)
Your name
Anything specific you want to happen
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4. madi's imagine :D

Madi's imagine :)

Hope you like it


Hey Jason you said as you walked into school. Jason was one of your best friends and the star basketball player of the school. Every girl had a crush on him and I mean everyone. Whenever the two of you hung out you got glares and snickers from every girl it was hilarious to you except for one thing which was the fact that you and Jason were only friends. You wanted to be more than friends you wanted him to be yours and only yours the problem with that was he didn't know and you were to scared to tell him. It was the end of the day and you were standing at your Locker talking to Jason. Hey Madi you coming to the game tonight? He asked you of course I am don't I always? You simply responded while laughing. Then you both walked outside and made your way home.

When you got home you changed into a casual but cute outfit it was cold outside so you decided on a quarter length shirt with pinkish selves and Jason's number on it (#15) with a pair of jeans and your black uggs with a diamond button. Then you pulled your hair into a messy but cute fishtail braid and threw on a little makeup and left for the game. (Outfit- ) you arrived at the game and met up with a few of your friends and watched Jason. So are you two official yet? One of your friends ask. No we're not dating you simply stated. Really why not come on everyone sees the way you look at each other and plus you two would be super cute? Really you think so? Yes! They all said to you at the same time. Ok ok I get it you said as you all laughed. When the game was over Jason found you and told you to come with him you told your friends then went with him. He took you out back to his backetball rim and the two of you started playing a game. No fair you exclaimed I don't know how to shoot! Fine the let me teach you he said as he went behind you and grabbed your arms and went through all the steps. Hey madi I have to confess I want to be more than friends I love you madi please be mine? He said yes of corse I will I love you to you but I'm now gonna kick your butt in basketball you said as you took a shot. score!!!!! You yelled as you both started laughing.

The end hope you liked it let me know what you thought please :) <3

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