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5. Lexy and Michael imagine

Imagine for Aleksandra aka Lexy hope you like it :)

"Ready or not here I come" you hear your best friend Michael call. You and the boys were playing hide and seek while killing time before their show started you were hid under the stage the perfect hiding spot because you could see everything but nobody could see you. You and Michael have been friends since birth your mothers grew up together and so have the two of you. When he left with his band for tour he couldn't bare to leave you behind so he asked you to join him which you automatically agreed. You would never let it show but you secretly have a huge crush on your best friend but you are afraid of losing the lifelong friendship and history if he finds out so you keep it hidden nobody knows about it an you plan o keep it that way. Anyway Michael hadn't found anyone yet you were peaking out to see if you could see him but you couldn't then you felt someone grab you from behind and yell "found you". "Gosh Michael are you trying to kill me you about gave me a heart attack" you responded laughing along with him. "You guys have to get ready for sound check soon so let's go find the other boys". You said dragging him with you. When he got in front of you you jumped on his back and went to find the other boys. After the long game of hide and seek was over the boys had to start preparing for the show so you just laid around backstage waiting for them to get finished. Not long after you started to see the stadium fill up and the boys were getting excited they love there job so much and it shows. Half an hour later you heard the music start and the screaming of thousands of fans the show was starting you were standing backstage to the side watching the same as any night. You decided to walk back to the room to grab a water when security came back to find you. You had no idea what was going on he just told you that they need you back by the stage. When you stood there the boys were just finishing amnesia an getting ready to start "Long way home"when you saw Michael coming over to you he grabbed your hand and pulled you on stage you were so confused. "What are you doing?" You whispered to him."you'll see." That's all he said before he stared talking into the microphone "hey everyone you know my best friend Lexy right" he asked the stadium and they all responded by screaming. "Well here's the thing we tell each other everything but I have a secret I've been keeping from her for quite some time now." You looked at him questionably. He looked you in the eyes as if it was just the two of you and nobody else was around. "Lexy I love you not just as a friend so I was wondering.. will you please do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" "Yes" you said jumping into his arms hugging him. He has no idea how long you have been wanting those words to come out of his mouth. You looked into the crowd to see flashes going off like crazy after a few more minutes you went back to your spot backstage to finish watching the show. No matter how hard you tried to stop smiling you couldn't. After the concert was over the boys and you went back to the bus you climbed into Michaels bunk after him and cuddled up to him logging onto Twitter. When you got on you see your notifications were blowing up then you see Michael had tweeted... It's official I'm the happiest guy alive I love you so much @theofficiallexy #mexyconfirmed ❤️ you favorited and retweeted it then decided to tweet yourself. Cuddling with @michaelofficial the perfect end to a perfect day I love you so much ❤️😘

#mexyconfirmed .

You then laughed when you realized #mexyconfirmed was trending worldwide along with #mexy the picture of Michael holding you an the two of you hugging at the concert were all over Twitter. Most of the fans were extremely supportive obviously you have that one group of haters but you couldn't care less you were happy you had the guy of your dreams and honestly that's all that mattered to you.

Authors note-

I'm so sorry this took so long I'm visiting family and I completely forgot until now please comment what you thought. I hope you liked it though and it was worth the wait if you want anything changed or don't like it let me know please so I can fix it for you thanks for requesting :) <3 ~1Dluvr99

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