These are my imagines you want one let me know...

Who with (anyone you want)
Your name
Anything specific you want to happen
Anything else you want me to know


3. elins harry imagine :)

~~Imagine for Elin hope you like it :)


You had just woke up to a text from your boyfriend Harry who has been on tour the past four months. Hey babe I know your probably not awake up yet but just wanted to say good morning and that I miss you so much - Harry. You thought it was so cute and you missed him so much to it was so hard to manage a long distance relationship but the two of you work through it because as hard as it is to have him gone all the time you know it would be so much harder to not have him at all. All thoughts aside you got up and took a shower and went though your regular morning routine. When you were finished you decided to go to the beach. You arrived and got changed into your bikini then saw a guy you didn't even know start walking toward you. "Hey I was just walking around and saw you were walking alone so I thought maybe I could help keep you company". "I'm ok but thanks anyway" you replied". When you did he grabbed you from behind and started to pull you away just when he did you saw him hit the ground as if he had been hit, you turned around and saw none other than Harry and you could easily say you had never been happier to see him. As soon as you did see him you ran straight into his arms as he embraced your hug which turned into a small but passionate kiss. Then he drove you home. "I love you so much and I am so happy your home hazza" you said "I love you to Elin and I will never let anything happen to you believe me"




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