He never for got

Stacy and Louis were the best of frined. They had been threw so much that they were sure nothing could tare them apart. Then the day came when Louis tried out for the X-Factors. Stacy stayed behind and cheered him on. What happens when fate brings them together and tares them apart again?


3. Times fly bye

Stacy's pov:

I was walking home from work one day and I could have of sworn that I saw Louis. Yet I guess I say this a lot because I just really miss him. Its been 3 years now since I last saw Louis. I was just leaving the coffee shop where I work. When I saw a boy with brown hair leaving with a boy with blond hair. They were laughing and talking about something. What it was I don't know I was to fare away to hear a thing. I was pretty shore that It was him thew. Wow he changed a lot.

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