He never for got

Stacy and Louis were the best of frined. They had been threw so much that they were sure nothing could tare them apart. Then the day came when Louis tried out for the X-Factors. Stacy stayed behind and cheered him on. What happens when fate brings them together and tares them apart again?


6. He reambered me!!!!

Stacy's pov:

As soon as I got home I ran inside and screamed. My mom came running form the kitchen and said, "Stacy what's wrong?" I looked at her with a big smile on my face and said,"I ran into Louis from High school mom!!!!" We were booth screaming and jumping now. "Wasn't he your crush back in school?" I smiled at her and shook my head. My mom smiled at me too.

Then it hit me. "Mom next time I see him can I invite him over for dinner?" My mom smiled at me and then said, "O yea sure you can honey. It would be great to see him again after all this time." I smiled at her and ran up stairs.

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