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Stacy and Louis were the best of frined. They had been threw so much that they were sure nothing could tare them apart. Then the day came when Louis tried out for the X-Factors. Stacy stayed behind and cheered him on. What happens when fate brings them together and tares them apart again?


8. Dinner Date?

Louis's pov:

When I got home I told my mom about how Stacy had invited us over for dinner. My mom smiled and said that was very kind of her but sadly she couldn't go.  I looked at her a little odd. "Why can't you go mom?" "I have plans tomrrow night." "Well if your going out then who is watching the girls because I can't I all ready told Stacy I would go." "I'll call a baby sister don't worry. Now did you get the milk?" I laughed as I held the Milk out to my mom who took it gladly and put it in the fridge.

*Next day*

The next day I woke up and got dressed. I was so excited to see Stacy and meet her whole family. 

Stacy's pov:

I was so excited for to night. I can't believe that Louis was going to be at my house for dinner tonight. I wonder if he's going to take his family with him. To tell you the truth I was kinda hoping it would just be him. I hardly ever get to see him and hang out with him any more. It would be great if we got to get some us time. 

*Later that night*

I was up stairs trying to figure out what to wear when my mom called to me up stairs. "Hey Stacy Louis is here are you ready?" I was freaking out now because Louis was all ready  here and I wasn't even dressed yet. "I'm almost ready. I'll be down in a few." I decided to go withe a cute I love lucy dress with a sweet heart neack line. I curled my hair put on some make up a bit perfume and my black slip ons. Then I slowly walked down the stairs scared to see what Louis was going to say. 

Louis's pov:

I was out side of Stacy's house. Getting ready to ring the door bell when her mom opened the door and pulled me inside. "You must be Louis. I've heard so much about you from Stacy." I was a bit suprised by this news. "She does?" Her mom looked at me smiling. "Of course she does all the time. Hang on one second let me just see if Stacy is ready for dinner." "STACY ARE YOU READY LOUIS IS HERE!!!" I stood their scratching my head looking down. Wow this is a thing that is happing right now. 

I stood here waiting after hearing Stacy's answer to her mom. When Stacy came down the stairs it took my breath away I couldn't belive this was the same girl I was friends with. "So what do you think?" "Wow " Was all I could mange to say to her at that moment of the night. I turned to her mom trying to brake the silence that filled the room. I'm so sorry to say but its just going to be me to night my mom said its to late for the girls to be out plus she has plans." Stacy's mom just smiled and nodded at me. "Thats okay Louis maybe I can meet your family another time." I smiled and nodded my head in agremnt.

Stacy's pov:

I can't belive my mom is getting up set. "Hey guys why don't we all sit down and eat this lovely meal you made for us mom." They both agreed and we sat down to eat in peace and quiet.

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