Sadly , its the truth

read and find out


4. Maria?

All i remember was waking up to my parents crying. i didnt know why they were crying so I ran to my room. And sometimes i wonder if thats why they ignore me. *current day*  Today i woke up to just my dad crying. And i asked. No reply. I asked him a little louder this time. No reply. All i remember was getting in the backseat of my dads car. And he suddenly came in and started driving to the nearest cemetary... we got out and i see my dad on is knees crying saying , "Maria. Daisy. This couldve been prevented!"suddenly crying. I yell at him "DAD WHATS HAPPENING! TELL ME PLEASE DONT IGNORE ME THIS 1 TIME!" I see him look around. and finally he notices me. 'Maria?" i say "dad" he cant hear me...all i see him do is cry and say "WHY."and sob more. we get in the car and drive back home. As i get in i hear going in his room to cry.... 

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