Sadly , its the truth

read and find out


1. Maria

 Hi. My name is Maria and im 14. I always feel very alone. And i can see ghosts. I always seem to see 1 ... her name is Maria. She tell me , im like her , but alive. It scares me a bit to know she has the same name as me , and loved to do the things i do when she was alive.  I went to the living room to find Maria sitting on my couch. I wave. My parents seem to always ignore me. I say hi , the just keep going with thier conversation. Im 1000 percent sure i can see ghosts. At least i know the ghosts are there for me. when i die i know i will be one of them. I always fell alone. I never leave the house.... my parents never seem to care i dont care to go. i havent gone in 3 years. last time i did., i got beat up... anyways lets move on to the positive things... i always stay sitting im my room on the floor listening to music. Every time my mom and dad walk in they seem to look sad and walk out...

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