Sadly , its the truth

read and find out



I start talking to Maria , "Foolish one. Cant you see? I am you!'no. this cant be true. And suddenly i remember EVERYTHING. That day i got beat up at school. I woke up in the hospital. NO. THE PAST 3 YEARS. A LIE! and suddenly woke up in a coffing. 'WHATS HAPPENING??? LET ME OUT!" I STARTED BANGING ON THE COFFIN AS HARD AS I COULD. Noticing all the dirt coming in. ive been burried alive. And finally i feel my lungs giving out as i have no more air. I start gasping for air untill. i awake to me in my room looking at an empty bed. i walk in my dads room and finally see a picture saying "RIP Maria" and "RIP Daisy" and notice my moms arms directing me to go up in heaven with her. And finally ive left earth knowing ive been a ghost these past 3 years. 

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