1. Colin? Help!?

I now know not to write my crushes name on my hand after I shower.

Reason why #1: I will forget about it and sleep with it on my hand.
Reason why #2: I wake up realllllly early so I don't think enough about that and my vision is blurry.
Reason why #3: I will go to school with it on my hand.
Reason why #4: someone sitting next to you will know that person on your hand.
Reason #5: they're going to tell him.

But I'm guessing he knew anyway cause she was just like "You have a secret admirer." And his first guess was me. Idk if that's good or bad. IM FREAKIN OUT MAN!!!!! Ive liked him since like kidnergarden & we used to be best friends.. Im normally the one giving other people advice but.. HELP! What do I do????? Leave comments!

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