Always and Never

Ariel Tanner believed that love was nothing but an illusion, a sick prank your brain pulls on you. But when she meets Harry Styles she begins to question everything she has put together about love. This frustrating boy was the only truly genuine person she'd ever met. How someone like him could even exist blew her mind. Harry, on the other hand, was amazed at how closed off Ariel acted. He made it his mission to knock down the walls she'd built around herself, because behind the flirting and the sarcasm, he got a glimpse of a girl that he wanted to become as close as humanly possible to. But did he really want to know everything behind those walls?


7. Meet One Direction

I attempted to fix my hair and clothes, completely taken off guard by our new company. 

“Hi lads, this is Ariel. Ariel, meet Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn.” Harry introduced, resting his hand on my knee. Our thighs touched. Normally physical contact was nothing to me, but I liked the feeling of my leg against Harry's. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside... No, no no no no. Not possible, guys don't make me feel warm and fuzzy, so I blamed this sensation on the fact that I must be coming down with something.

 “Hello.” I waved, smiling slightly. The blonde one, Niall, was cute. Maybe when Harry was done with me Niall would want to have a little fun.

“What happened to that girl you met at the club?” Zayn asked.

“This is her.” Harry answered, like it was obvious.

“But her name wasn't Ariel...” Zayn continued. Oh... He's right, Harry met Georgia Rose at the club, not Ariel.

“That's a long story, but this is her.” Harry grinned at me.

“He's gone on and on about you! I'm glad you gave him a chance.” Louis snickered. I laughed, looking at Harry.

“On and on?” I smirked.

“He might be exaggerating a bit...” Harry insisted, his cheeks turning an adorable pink color.

“I think what Lou said was an understatement, actually.” Zayn laughed. I had to bite my lip to hold in laughter.

“Well, you can understand. You're amazing.” Harry chuckled. Flattery will get you no where, my friend.

“You're right. I am amazing.” I agreed, putting my hand over the one he had resting on my knee. He chuckled, shaking his head slightly.

“Well, we can leave you two alone if you had, uh, plans...” Louis smirked. I saw where he was coming from and immediately looked down at the floor. Damn.

“It's not like that yet.” Harry replied. Yet. Not like that yet. I watched as my hands began to tremble ever-so-slightly. God, whatever bug I caught, it was getting bad.

“What's wrong?” He murmured smirking.

“Nothing, just a little cold.” I answered. The boys had made themselves comfortable on the couches. Their first impression of me was the girl that was making out with Harry, and maybe about to sleep with him. That's not quite the first impression I wanted... And despite what they assumed, I wasn't planning on shedding any clothes today. Wait, maybe-... No, no clothes-shedding.

“Can I have some water?” I asked quietly. Harry nodded, both of us standing up.

“Don't have too much fun in the kitchen, you two.” Louis snickered. Great, I wasn't going to hear the end of that... Harry smiled sheepishly at me when we got into the kitchen.

“You'll have to excuse some of their jokes...” He mumbled.

“I don't mind.” I assured as I took a drink. His eyes ran up and down my body, as if assessing me. A look of concentration on his face.

“You're going to be a handful.” He finally said. How long was he planning to deal with me? Most guys only did for a couple days, a week tops. But maybe that's because I'm kind of a bitch...

“You have no idea.” I grinned, poking his stomach, causing him to let out a quick laugh. I took another drink of my water, licking my lips as I set the cup down. My feet carried me out the kitchen door, Harry close on my heels. As I entered the living room Harry decided for some unknown reason to poke my sides. I let out a surprised scream, then covered my mouth and twirled around to look at him. He was laughing.

“I didn't know you were that ticklish.” He said, mischief sparking in his eyes.

“Don't you da-” I started, but the uncontrollable laughter interrupted me. Harry tickled me until I couldn't stand. Don't worry, he caught me, then set me down on the couch. I poked him when I could, trying to tickle back, but he was so much stronger than me! I lay on the couch, helpless while he sat on top of me, a knee on each side of my waist, tickling my sides and neck.

“Harry- Styles! I- can't- breath!” I squealed in between giggles. He stopped suddenly, giving me a break so that I could gulp down oxygen. I took my chance to push him off me. We both fell to the floor, now I was on top of him. He huffed in surprise, eyes wide, as I began to tickle him. He laughed louder than I had. Haha!! Who's the ticklish one?!

Eventually Harry managed to overpower me and we went rolling over the floor, poking each other, like we were wrestling. Giggles came from both our mouths. We completely forgot that we weren't alone. In the end, Harry ended up on top of me, holding my wrists above my head.

“I win,” He grinned, “what's my prize?”

“Winner's choice.” I smirked. He grinned wider, leaning down to kiss me. He let go of my wrists in the process. Big mistake. His lips only brushed mine before I flipped him over. I now sat on his waist, his wrists held in my hands.

“You spoke too soon.” I grinned. I leaned down to him, kissing him gently. He closed his eyes, a soft sigh emitted from his chest. I pulled away before our lips did anything but touch. The expression in his eyes told me everything I needed to know, I left him hanging. That's exactly where I wanted him.

“That's so unfair.” He shook his head. Like I said. B-i-t-c-h.

“I'm not a good sport.” I smirked. Just then did I realize that there were 4 pairs of eyes watching us. The TV played in the background, but none of them were paying any attention to it. I looked up at Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, scrambling to get off of Harry and stand up.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. They were all smiling, amused. It was kind of weird. I felt Harry's hands on my waist, making me jump. He chuckled in my ear.

“No need to apologize.” Liam grinned.

“He's right. We can do that again, whenever we feel like it. Except next time I'm not losing.” Harry growled playfully in my ear, giving my sides one last squeeze.

“Eek!” I exclaimed. I really was painfully ticklish. Everyone laughed. Harry led me to the couch. I sat with my legs criss cross, Harry next to me. My knee rested on his thigh...

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