Always and Never

Ariel Tanner believed that love was nothing but an illusion, a sick prank your brain pulls on you. But when she meets Harry Styles she begins to question everything she has put together about love. This frustrating boy was the only truly genuine person she'd ever met. How someone like him could even exist blew her mind. Harry, on the other hand, was amazed at how closed off Ariel acted. He made it his mission to knock down the walls she'd built around herself, because behind the flirting and the sarcasm, he got a glimpse of a girl that he wanted to become as close as humanly possible to. But did he really want to know everything behind those walls?


48. Marshmallows

A/N: Sorry this one's so short! I hope you like it anyway! -Xx

The day after our double date I went out to get groceries, and when I came back there was a marshmallow gun sitting on the counter with a note: 'This is war. There's extra ammunition in the top cupboard. You're going down.'

I grinned to myself, walking over to the cupboard he meant and retrieving a big bag of mini marshmallows. I loaded my gun, and walked slowly out to the living room, the bag of marshmallows held in the same hand that supported the barrel. Harry popped out from behind the couch, and began showering me with marshmallows.

“Gotcha!” He exclaimed. I laughed as I returned fire.

“Shit! You're a good shot!” He shouted again.

“What did you expect curly??” I grinned. He soon ran out of marshmallows and had to duck down again and reload. I took the opportunity to fill up mine all the way. He ran quickly to sit behind the chair, then the other couch, and then sprinted toward the staircase.

I fired after him, a hysterical laugh left his lips as he took the stairs, two at a time. I giggled as well, following him. I took the corner carefully, checking each way. I didn't know where he went. I decided, the most likely way was toward our bedroom, so I tip-toed in that direction. I heard the little pop-pop sounds before I felt the marshmallows hitting my back. I whirled around to shoot back, Harry was grinning across the hall. I caught one and popped it into my mouth.

“Yum.” I laughed. I slowly got closer, he couldn't run. He'd gotten himself stuck at the end of the hall. 

“You, my friend, are trapped.” I grinned.

“Hm, I suppose I am.” He laughed, looking around.

“I win.” I teased, my marshmallow gun now held to his chest.

“Maybe not.” He challenged, reaching over to pull my trigger a few times so now I was out of ammunition. He took his chance and ran back down stairs, laughing again.

“That was cheating!” I exclaimed, reloading quickly and trailing behind him. We played until we ran out of marshmallows. I ran out first, so Harry won.

“Damn.” I grinned, his gun held against my tummy.

"I win." He chuckled, shooting his last two into his own hand to eat.

We then had to spend the rest of the day, picking up the two bags of marshmallows that were scattered around the house. It was fun, amazing fun. Like we were kids again. Though, most of the time I spent with Harry was great fun, wasn't it?

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