Always and Never

Ariel Tanner believed that love was nothing but an illusion, a sick prank your brain pulls on you. But when she meets Harry Styles she begins to question everything she has put together about love. This frustrating boy was the only truly genuine person she'd ever met. How someone like him could even exist blew her mind. Harry, on the other hand, was amazed at how closed off Ariel acted. He made it his mission to knock down the walls she'd built around herself, because behind the flirting and the sarcasm, he got a glimpse of a girl that he wanted to become as close as humanly possible to. But did he really want to know everything behind those walls?


3. Ariel Tanner

When I woke up I could feel someone watching me, and I noticed the arm wrapped around my shoulders. I panicked a bit before I realized that it was only Styles.

“Morning Georgia Rose.” He grinned like an idiot when I looked up at him.

“Good morning, Styles.” I sighed, sitting up to look at him.

“Call me Harry.” He insisted. Now was my opportunity...

“Okay Harry, uh, call me Ariel.” I muttered, avoiding eye contact.

“What?” He laughed slightly, confused.

“Erm... I never give anyone I just met my real name, because I'm paranoid like that, but my real name is Ariel. Ariel Tanner.” I explained. Well, that's the first time I've had to explain that to anyone. No body ever sticks around long enough...

“That's one of the weirdest things I've ever heard, Ariel...” He smirked, running his fingers through some of my tangled hair. He didn't say weird in a bad way... The sound of him saying my real name gave me butterflies in my stomach. Very small, more like moths maybe, but they were there. I mentally smacked myself. It's just your name, you idiot.

“What do you say to breakfast?” He offered, sitting up as well.

“I don't have much for food here...” I mumbled. I didn't have much of anything here, it was quite a small apartment...

“We can drive to my place.” He suggested, shrugging slightly.

“Let me shower first?” I asked, my hair was probably sticking up in all directions. It was most likely funny to him...

“Could you share?” His grin grew, his eyes full of amusement and mischief. I rolled my eyes.

“Sorry curly, I don't think your big ego would fit in my tiny washroom.” I snickered, climbing out of bed and walking to the bathroom door. He laughed, looking like he didn't know what to say. Not used to a girl that knew how to talk back? No, there aren't many of us left.

“I won't be long.” I smirked, shutting and locking the door behind me. I showered quickly, not able to help the excitement coursing through my body. I wasn't gonna lie, I liked Sty- Harry. I liked him a lot. Probably too much... I walked out of the bathroom, hair and make-up done, but wearing only a towel. Harry let out a low whistle.

“Take a picture, it'll last longer.” I snickered.

“Is that an invitation??” He grinned.

“Oh no! Poor boy doesn't understand sarcasm?” I forced a frown, pretending to be sympathetic.

“There's a difference between not understanding and ignoring.” He replied, mirroring my expression. I chuckled as I disappeared into the bathroom again to get dressed. Harry was better than I thought. While my mind was off in another place I forgot that I didn't lock the door, so it made me jump a fair amount when it opened. I was standing there in my shirt and underwear, not that bad of a moment for him to walk in. I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my eyebrows at Harry, who stood in the doorway, amusement lighting up his face. Thought you might as well see if I was done, right? Growing impatient? Forgot how to knock? Or are you just being an ass to try and be funny?

“Mind making that pictures comment again, I might just take you up on it this time.” He grinned.

“Mind driving home by yourself?” I responded, grinning back. He pretended to think for a few moments.

“I guess I can always get the pictures later.” He winked, leaving me alone once again. I made sure to lock the door this time... I wore jean shorts and a black tank top that read 'Forever Young' in fancy white font.

I stepped out of the bathroom, planning on getting my phone from the nightstand where I set it. But I guess I didn't have to grab it, because Harry was sitting on my bed, going through it. Yes, he's just trying to be an ass. It must amuse him or something.

“What are you doing?” I questioned, running over and attempting to snatch my phone out of his hands. He was quicker and managed to actually grab me around the waist with his free arm, and I somehow ended up over his shoulder like a fireman. Harry stood up, grabbing the key to my apartment from the shelf next to the door, and locking the place behind us.

I protested all the way down the stairs and into the parking lot, jokingly pounding my fists on his back.

“Where are we going?” I asked when he passed my car in the parking lot.

“To my car.” He answered simply.

“Am I not aloud to walk?” I challenged.

“Nope.” He said, unable to hold back laughter. I protested a bit more on the way to the restaurant we went to last night. I had to say, this was the most fun I've had with a guy in like, forever...

“Hey Mr. Too-drunk-to-drive-home, why no hangover this morning?” I grinned, beginning to play with his hair.

“I have no idea, must be some kind of miracle.” He answered.

“A miracle, like non-alcoholic wine?” I teased. He froze for a second, but then continued walking. We were now in the parking lot where his car sat.

“What?” He muttered, pretending to be confused.

“I looked at the bottle, I know you got as drunk off that stuff as you could off milk.” I rolled my eyes.

“You knew but you still let me sleep over?” He questioned. Well, I didn't think that through, did I? I pursed my lips, not quite knowing what to say. Nobody has ever had me at a loss for words. It was a new feeling... He set me down next to his car, our bodies pressed together. He watched my face intently, like he was trying to read my mind.

“Yeah, I guess I did...” I trailed off. Why did I??

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