Always and Never

Ariel Tanner believed that love was nothing but an illusion, a sick prank your brain pulls on you. But when she meets Harry Styles she begins to question everything she has put together about love. This frustrating boy was the only truly genuine person she'd ever met. How someone like him could even exist blew her mind. Harry, on the other hand, was amazed at how closed off Ariel acted. He made it his mission to knock down the walls she'd built around herself, because behind the flirting and the sarcasm, he got a glimpse of a girl that he wanted to become as close as humanly possible to. But did he really want to know everything behind those walls?


61. Anger

Harry's Pov Continued...

I slept restlessly, if you could even call it sleep. The lads wouldn't leave, I tried to tell them that I was fine, but they didn't believe me. I couldn't sleep in room. Because It was sort of a mess. I slept in one of the guest bedrooms, downstairs. I hated it. It was so cold, so lonely. And it held no memories.

I got up early, the guys were sleeping in the living room. Liam on the floor. Zayn in the chair. Louis on the first couch, and Niall on the second. It was 6, I decided not to wake them. I didn't bother showering, or getting dressed, I just left. Got in my car and drove away. I'd be home soon, they won't even know I was gone. I took a long drive, it helped to clear my head. A few stops here and there brought back fond memories.

When I arrived at her old apartment, something forced me out of the car. Something inside me, just wanted to check. I walked slowly up the stairs, and knocked on her old door. A man answered.

“Do you know what time it is??” The grumpy looking man demanded.

“Sorry, wrong apartment.” I mumbled quickly hurrying back down the stairs and to my car. I hit my head a few times on the steering wheel, not hard, but in frustration.

Someone knocked on my window and startled me. Hope warmed my heart for a split second before I registered who was standing outside my window. It was Brad. The dick that hurt Ariel. Back for more? Looks like I can't bruise you up much worse, I mentally snickered. The skin under both his eyes was purple, and his nose was bandaged. It was broken. I got out, a smirk on my face. It was only there out of amusement that some lucky soul broke his nose.

“How are you and Georgia Rose doing?” He laughed quietly. Ah, I see. This was a gift from the heavens, someone to take my anger out on.

“Actually, we're engaged.” I informed. He was taken aback for a moment. Good.

“Really, because I saw her yesterday, and she didn't have the happiness about her that someone who's engaged normally does...” He said.

“She had an off day yesterday.” I replied simply.

“That's why she was crying? Is that why she-” He began, his grin growing. I cut him off before he could say anything else.

“You're broken nose looks fairly recent. Did she punch you?” A grin spread across my face as his disappeared. That was a yes. I laughed, mocking.

“If you two are doing so well then why didn't she tell you that she punched me? And why do you look like shit?” He challenged. Now was the time. I've been wanting to do this for so long.

“At least I know her real name.” I growled. I punched him, as hard as I could, in the jaw. Holy shit! I may have broken my index finger... I relished in the pain. It felt good. I liked it. I left Brad in the parking lot, holding his jaw and groaning.

I dialed Ariel on my drive home, knowing that she wouldn't answer. I sighed when I was sent straight to voice mail.

“Hey sweetie, I don't know if you've been getting my messages, but I just wanted you to know that I love you. I love you so, so much. I also wanted to let you know, that I ran into Brad today. His nose is broken, and probably- hopefully now his jaw... But I think we both know how he broke his nose. Good job babe.” Then I hung up. I hope, if not any of the rest, she listened to that message. When I got home, Louis and Niall were in their cars, ready to leave. They each got out when I parked and left my car.

“Dammit Harry! We were worried! You have to tell us when you leave!” Louis exclaimed.

“I just went for a drive, it's not like I committed suicide or something.” I mumbled, walking quickly into the house.

“Well you could have! You're unpredictable Haz! You're unstable!” Louis replied.

“If I died, then there would be no chance, of being with Ariel again.” I pointed out, irritation plain in my voice. That shut him up. He knew that if I thought that, I would never kill myself. And that was what I thought. Let me rephrase, it was what I knew.

“What happened to your hand?” Liam asked quietly from the couch. I just shrugged, making my way to the bathroom to take a long, hot shower...

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