Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


17. When the truth comes out

"Just drive." I whispered, not making eye contact with niall. He started the car and drove in silence, I can tell he's looking at me every few seconds but I'm not going to let him see me. My makeup is smeared everywhere, my neck has billions of hickeys. I'm just a hot damn mess. They weren't that bad, I'm in pain but not as bad as I expended.
"Your pregnant..?" He trailed off, I frowned,
"No, I said that so they would use protection." I mumbled, he nodded,
"Thank god." He mumbled,
"It would just be Liams. Not a big deal." I mumbled without thinking. Niall slammed on the breaks. I jumped out of the car and quickly walked inside, trying to stay ahead of niall. I fucked up, I shouldn't have said that. I got into the hall by my room by the time he caught up to me.  "Liam's?" He asked, I bit my lip.
"Did I say liam? I meant jake!" I lied, niall frowned.
"You and liam..." He paused, 
 eyes fixed on something over my shoulder, "hey!" He yelled, I turned to see liam smile at us and walk over. "You fucked my girl?" Niall asked, liam looked at me, confusion and anger on his features.
"N-no." He stuttered, looking at me instead of niall.
"Yes niall, liam and I fucked, but, it was my idea. I just wanted to get back at you so I picked liam and ya." I lied, nialls glare turned to me, than back to liam.
"Your a dick, a complete ass." Niall snapped at him. I frowned,
"Don't be mad at him niall. Be mad at me." I mumbled, niall frowned,
"And your a slut. A whore, how many guys have you fucked, cause I lost count." He snapped, I bit my lip, "your a bitch, a slut, and I honestly don't get how all these guys like you. I could imagine a few guys, but you can get any guy. Your not that pretty or anything and your on the fat side of skinny. Your just a skank. A straight up skank." He ranted, I felt myself want to cry, badly. I opened my mouth to argue but closed it again. He's right. Everything he said is true, I turned slowly and started walking away, towards my room.
I don't understand why I can't just be happy without a guy, or why I have to like niall. 
I reached my door and fumbled with the keys, dropping them, I picked them up and unlocked the door. Walking in and leaning against it. I slowly slid down and let the tears pour from my eyes. 
I'm not sure how long I cried for until I just gave up and grabbed my razor, pulling it apart and whipping a blade clean. I took it to my wrist. Slicing a few times. The minute I felt the pain I remembered why I did this so much, I love forgetting everything in the moment your skin splits. I watched it bleed, and finally, after a few minutes a out a cloth over it, holding it so it stops. My door handle jiggled and than someone started knocking loudly. I pinned my cut hand to my side so who ever it is can't see. I opened the door and liam ran in, slamming the door behind him and locking it. 
"Um?" I asked, liam frowned,
"I told him the truth." As he said that niall started punching the door, 
"May. Let me in." He yelled, I rolled my eyes, forgetting my wrist and the razor and blood on the floor for a minute.
"Just igno-" he paused, looking at my floor, "what the fuck did you do?" He asked, I rolled my eyes.
"Nothing." I lied, running my other hand through my hair.
"Maybry!" Niall yelled, making me jump and look at liam.
"Don't." Liam begged, 
"Fine. You can have that bed." I pointed to Bree's old unmade bed and laid on my own. 
"Let me see the cut." Liam ordered,
"Um no." I replied, 
"I'm studying to be a doctor. Let me see it. I can help you." He begged, I rolled my eyes and sat, dropping the blood covered cloth in his hands. His eyes widened at the cuts. "Fuck. You might have hit the vein." He mumbled, acting fast and tying my arm above the cuts. 
"Yo I can't feel my hand." I mumbled, he frowned,
"We need to get these stitched, come on." He grabbed my hand and walked me to the door. The thought I stitches made me feel faint and I feel down. "Stand up." He ordered,
"I can't." I said, scared, liam rolled his eyes and lifted me up, carrying me bridal style out into the hall. Niall was about to pounce on liam when he saw me. I would say something but I feel too weak, I can't move. I think I lost too much blood. 
"What happened?" Niall asked as liam walked quickly,
"Lost a lot of blood cutting her wrist." Liam stated, niall looked confused,
"But I didn't mean to hurt her."


"Just don't do it again." Liam mumbled I nodded,
"I can't promise, but ill try not to." I mumbled, he rolled his eyes.
"Do you want me to stay?" Liam asked, I frowned,
"Not really, lets not forget what you did." 
"Fine, I'm going to my room, go to bed." He ordered, closing my door behind him. I heard some arguing and frowned, great, niall and liam are fighting. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off, right Before I was full passed out my door opened,
"Niall. Leave me alone." I mumbled, eyes closed,
"No." his irish accent kills me. "I'm sorry, none of what I said was true love, I was just hurt." He mumbled, "I never want you to hurt yourself because of me." He stated, laying next to me, I instantly moved to him. Curling up to him, "I love you, ok?" He whispered, I pretended I didn't hear as he intertwined our fingers.


I opened my eyes and glanced at my hand and nialls. His are so much bigger, manlier, I ran my thumb over his knuckles, the cuts. He's too violent, he just gets mad over the smallest things. And when he's mad he's violent. But I love him. I actually love him. He could kill someone and I would still follow after him like a lost puppy. The amount of shit I've gone through for him is crazy. 
"What are you thinking about?" He asked, startling me.
"How much crap I go through cause of you." I started, "but how much more I would go through to stay with you."
I could feel him have his obnoxious smile grow.
"are you saying were together?" He teased, I giggled.
"Are we?" I asked, he chuckled and ran tipped my chin up to face him and kissed me,
"Yes." He mumbled. Pressing his forehead on mine.
"Don't fuck it up." I muttered, he chuckled and kissing me again.
"I'll try." He joked, "you just have to be more patient with me." He paused, Running a thumb along my bottom lip, "I love you." He stated.
"I love you too niall." I whispered.
At that moment I realized something.
I'm actually in love.
I love niall more than I've ever loved anything.

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