Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


22. Suggestions

"I'm glad you had fun," niall mumbled into my neck, i smiled.
"It was a good week." I replied, niall kissed me again and I giggled.
The week was amazing, I got to spend days on the beach with my older brother, I got to see all my friend from highschool, and I got to really think me and niall over. 
I may have cheated, which made my decision to forgive niall a lot easier. In my defense he was my crush all through highschool and I was drunk. I just didn't know how to say no, I've always had a soft spot for him.
"What are you thinking about?" Niall asked, I felt nerves hit my stomach and fake laughed, 
"Just us." I stated, niall gave me a smile and walked me out of the limo, into our house. He opened the from door and I gasped, the house is spotless, with an exception for the rose petals on the floor. "Niall." I mumbled, turning to him,
"Yes?" He asked, grinning,
"Your amazing." I smiled, closing the door behind us and jumping onto him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him passionately. 
"It's just us tonight, i told the boys not to come over." Niall mumbled against my neck, I shivered and laughed a breathy laugh.
"Ou. Sound like someone wants to get it in." I teased, niall chuckled deeply.
"Yep." He whispered, I laughed again and jumped out of his arms. "Hey." He joked in a fake mad voice.
"Lets watch a movie babe." I mumbled, over the week at my brothers I started watching so many more movies than usual, I watched two a day.
"Lets go upstairs." He begged,
"lets watch a movie." I repeated, looking at him in disbelief.
"Lets go upstairs." He imitated my stance, arms crossed.
"Niall." I whined, he tried his best not to smile but failed and grinned widely.
"Fine," he fake snapped, I giggled and turned on the tv.
"Ou! The conjuring!" I grinned sitting down, niall sat next to me and held me close throughout the terrifying movie.

"it's just a movie babe." Niall whispered, I rolled to face him, he kissed me quickly and held me tight.
"So he cheated on you?" Deen, the guy I cheated with asked, I nodded,
"You sure you don't want some?" I asked, offering him the joint I'm holding between my two fingers.
"I'm fine may. Do you um, want another drink?" He offered, I nodded, laughing.
I knew what was going to happen, deen got me drunk on purpose, but I'll never tell niall that. Nialls never going to know about my little slip up, and I'll never forget how weird it was to be with someone other than niall. I wonder if he thought It was weird to be with someone other than me.

"Are you going to tell him?" My friend Claire asked into the phone.
"No. And don't tell Colton either, not that you'll see him much but still." I whispered, she sighed.
"Ok... But I can't believe you and him got it in!" Claire said a bit too loud, I fake laughed and looked at harry and niall sitting at the island and talking. 
"I know. Who woulda thought that just a few vodka martinis would end up like that...." I mumbled, harry turned and gave me a confused face. "Tell him I say hey when you see him but I gotta go, niall has friends over." I ended the call and walked to the island and sat next to harry.
"Maybry. Can I talk To you." Niall asked,  standing, I frowned but followed him upstairs.
"What's up?" I asked, he sighed and turned his phone to face me.
My heart stopped,
It's a picture of me laughing with the guys arm around me walking into his house. 
"You forgot  that technically your famous too, paps are going to follow you around." Niall whispered, sliding the picture to the side to show me one of me leaving in the morning.
"Um." I mumbled, a loss for words.
"I thought you just forgave me because you love me, but obviously you got me back right!? When are you going to grow up!? Are you tying to put us in the same position as in collage?" He yelled, I cracked my Knuckles and glanced away,
"I was drunk." I mumbled, Niall nodded,
"In that case." He snapped, I rolled my eyes.
"That's my line." I joked, he glared.
"I'm not in the joking mood." He muttered as he walked away. I followed after him and grabbed his wrist.
"Niall." I snapped, "wait, I did what you did, but I felt bad about it." I mumbled, he chuckled bitterly.
"Maybry. Your so immature." 
"but that's how I am. I'm never going to be mature. You know that." I stated, he put his hands on the back of his neck. Harry came up behind me and sighed.
"Don't fight." He begged, I rolled my eyes.
"Whatever I guess. Swerve bitch." I snapped, turning to brush past harry.
"Maybe we need a break." An irish accent suggested.

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