Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


12. Stand up

I pulled away and fake smiled. What the fuck was that!?!? Niall chuckled and glanced around. "I gotta go. But I'll talk to you tomorrow babe." He muttered, kissing me quickly and walking away. "He didn't feel it either." I whispered to myself. What the hell am i going to do. I like him so much. But the kiss wasn't special anymore, why wasn't it special. I walked to my bed and collapsed, feeling tears fill my eyes. Why is this happening? Me and niall were supposed to date and stay together forever... Fuck, that sounds horrible actually. My door opened and niall walked in and jumped on my bed, kissing my neck. "So. That kiss. I can fix it." He whispered, turning my face to meet his. He kissed me softly at first than deepened the kiss. I kissed back and rolled so I'm facing him and felt sparks, fireworks. I don't know how the hell he did it, but he got our spark back. "Your giving me another chance, so be my girlfriend?" Niall asked after he pulled away, I bit my lip. "Niall.." I started, he smiled, "of corse." To tell you the truth, I was going to say no, but his smile killed me. He grinned and kissed me, pulling away right away. "Lets go out tomorrow." He decided, "I wanna take you to the fair babe." He stated, I bit my lip. Niall moved so he's hovering over me, I giggled. "Sounds good." I mumbled, pecking his lips quickly. My phone went off an I grabbed it quickly, liking the distraction from this situation. I really like niall but I think he's coming on a bit to strong. From: Brenda Close your blinds the next time you get steamy. Thought you said you would wait? What eves b. see you for drunk dins tonight <3 I shoved niall off me and ran to the window, laughing when I saw Brenda and Anna standing outside, giving me fake disapproving looks. I giggled and winked at them, closing the blinds. "What?" Niall asked, completely confused. "Brenda was creeping from outside." I laughed, niall chuckled, standing and moving so he's behind me. "Your friends don't like me. Do they?" He said it like a question but I know he knows that they don't. "They don't like that you hurt me." I mumbled. Niall wrapped his arms around me from behind, what is up with him, why's he being weird. I peeled his hands off me and turned to face him, "holly shit. Are you high!?" I asked, laughing. "I may have tried to smoke it. I don't like it." He stated, scratching his head and shrugging. "Awe. So we can't be stoners together?" I joked, walking to my door. I opened it and stepped to the side. "As much as I like kissing you. I have plans tonight." I stated, niall sighed, shook his head, but walked to the door. I stepped into the hall with him and grinned. "Who are your plans with babe?" He asked, I winked. "No one as sexy as you." I muttered jokingly. Niall chuckled and I glanced around the halls. At one end there's Brenda and Anna, and at the other end there's jake, all of them are watching us closely. Niall glanced at my lips and started to lean towards me, but I deflected it casually and hugged him. "Um." He mumbled, obviously shocked. "See you tomorrow b." I whispered, turning and opening my door, going in the room. And closing it almost all the way. I peered through the small crack in the door to see niall run a hand through his hair and punch the wall. He sighed and walked to my door, but shook his head and walked away. A few seconds after he left I had Brenda and Anna in my room squealing about how oh my god they can't believe I didn't kiss him. "Guys. I just wanna watch Channing tatum movies and eat fastening foods." I joked. "But I'm not letting him change me babes, you know how I feel about over touchy people. I dont know about our date tomorrow," I mumbled, they both laughed. "Lets get high instead b!" Brenda mumbled. "Where are you?" Niall asked through the phone. "I'm with my friends?" I said, making it sound like a question. I quieted everyone and put niall on speaker. "You were supposed to meet me at noon..." Niall mumbled, I coughed up smoke, "are you getting high!? Maybry! We had a date for two hours ago, and you ditched me to get high?" Niall yelled, Anna Brenda and Denver all 'oooooooooo'ed and started laughing. "Mays in trouble!" Brenda teased. "I'm on speaker phone? You've got to be fucking kidding me." Niall ended the call and I frowned. "I better go guys." I mumbled, grabbing my purse off the ground. "Text you lates." I waved as I started walking towards nialls room. I knocked a few times but didn't get a reply, eye roll. I tried the door and it opened, so I walked in and sat on nialls bed. Why is the other bed made? The door opened and I smiled, fixing my shirt as I stood. "Don't be mad at me babe." I mumbled, just as jake walked in with a box of stuff. "Ok. I won't baby." He laughed, I rolled my eyes. "What are you doing here?" I asked and he started to unpack the box. "This is my new assigned dorm room. Don't worry. Me and niall won't kill each other." Jake teased, I frowned. "Not ok." I snapped, he chuckled and turned to me. "What are you doing in my room, alone? Where's niall?" He asked, backing me up until I tripped and fell backwards onto nialls bed. Jake laughed and leaned over me. "Excited are we?" "Where's niall?" I asked, sitting and pushing jake away, "Why?" "Because I messed up and I need to apologize." I muttered, standing up. "If he comes back here just tell him to answer his phone." I slammed the door behind me and looked around, I dot want to be seen leaving jakes new room, it might be my boyfriends room too but still. "What the hell were you two doing?" Niall yelled, I turned to see he's right next to me. "Nothing." I stated, "If it was nothing that why did you look around like that!?" Niall yelled, getting right in my face. "I was looking for you?" I snapped. Niall rolled his eyes. "Don't even fuking try. I bet you wern't even with friends right?" He asked sarcastically. "You heard them." I stated. "I came to apologize." I muttered, niall scoffed at me and walked away. "Niall!" I yelled, running as much as someone in heels can run. I stepped infront of him and grabbed the back of his neck, pressing my lips to his. I know him, and I know that me kissing him will stop him. "I'm sorry niall." I whispered, he chuckled. "Your mine ok? Don't stand me up again." He said the last bit in a threatening voice. "You look cute." He mumbled, checking me out. "Do I usually look ugly?" I joked, he chuckled and glanced at my feet. "Heels eh?" He teased, "and your still short." "Not too short to kiss you." I giggled, pressing my lip to his, he chuckled. "That's an advantage." "Ewwwww." Jake yelled as he walked out of niall and his room, he walked right inbetween me and niall an broke our moment. "Hey man!" Niall yelled, I grabbed nialls hand and stopped him. "Niall. Babe. He's not worth it." I whispered, "lets go on that date." I mumbled, kissing his cheek.
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