Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


11. Sparks

When I woke up I smiled, I can't believe me and niall are good again. 
I curled my long dark dyed brownish redish purple hair and put on some black eye shadow, going over it with gold eye shadow and adding a thin line of eyeliner. I layered on the maskera and threw on some lip gloss, running my hands through my hair. 
I walked to my dresser and dug around, finally finding a dark grey baggy sweater with a skull on it, I paired it with some dark blue faded jeans with rips along the front. Throwing a few bracelets and necklaces on and smiling in the full length mirror. I look cute. The shirt comes up a tiny bit in the front so you can just see a bit of my stomach. The only this is a have three small scars from a surgery when I was little, I'm always self conscious about them.

"Hey." Brenda said, slowly and confused.
"Hi." I smiled, hugging her, I'm really close with all of my friends, they're like my sisters.
"Where were you yesterday?" She asked, looking suspicious, "not with jake. Please tell me you wern't with jake." She begged, I sighed. They all know about me and jake, and none of them like it. But why would they? Jakes an ass, a ass that's amazing in bed but an ass. 
"I wasn't with jake..." I mumbled, should I tell her? Hell. She's my bestfriend. Fuck it. "I was with niall. We went on a date, he was really sweet." I felt myself blush as I talked, I hate that he has this effect on me. It sucks that I feel this way, because he says he loves me but I don't think he does, so ill end up broken.
"May!!!!!!" She whined, "I can not let him hurt you!" She stated giving me a disapproving look. Our friendship has lasted 5 years, I think of her as family, and family takes care of family.
"Brenda! It's fine! Ill be fine! I didn't even let him kiss me." I said awkwardly. She laughed, smiling at me. She always laughs at me, she thinks it's funny that I'm so guarded.
"Good girl. Wait till you can trust him again ok?" Suddenly really serious.
"I willlll!" I whined, dragging it out, she laughed and pulled out a black tin. I grinned and wrapped an arm around her  shoulder "lets go get high." I laughed.
"Promise me you won't let him Change you?" Brenda asked as we light up.
"I promise I won't let him change me." I stated, but I don't know. 
"On a lighter note. Girl! Your shirt! Too cute!" She joked.


"Hey." Niall approached me and Brenda and I quickly exhaled my smoke and handed Brenda the joint. Coughing.
I ran a hand throught my hair and bit my lip. Brenda gave me a look that had so much disappointment it was crazy.
"Hey." I smiled, Brenda rolled her eyes and offered me the joint. "I'm good." I stated, her eyes widened.
"What?" She asked, 
"I'm good." I repeated, 
"You never turn down a hit." She muttered, glaring at niall. "You promised... But ok.  I'm out than. Bye bitch." She waved, blowing me a kiss.
"Goodbye slut." I replied, wiggling my fingers in a wave. When she started walking niall got really close to me, standing like a foot apart.
"How are you?" Niall asked after Brenda walked away.
"I'm good. How are you?" I replied, smiling. He makes me feel so happy.
"I'm great." He replied, winking at me. I blushed like crazy.
"Fuck." I cursed at my blushing, it's the worst, I hate it more than anything.
"I think it's cute." Niall murmured, putting a piece of my hair behind my ear. Smiling widely I glanced at the ground, deciding weather to kiss him. 
"Ah. Fuck it." I whispered under my breath, looking up, our eyes met and his blue ones seemed to deepen, going on for miles. My eyes a a deep green but have never really been like that. He glanced at my lips and back up to my eyes. Putting a hand on my lower back to pull me closer to him, i put my hands on his shoulders. this is possibly one of the most romantic second first kisses ever have his lip meet mine. I closed my eyes and felt his soft lips on mine, 
But this time. 
There were no sparks.

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