Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


7. Some nights

"Niall. Can you please stop?" I laughed as niall kissed down my neck. "I'm trying to watch tv, and your distracting me." I mumbled, in the three weeks we've been dating he's always touching me in some way, holding my hand, arm around my waist, kissing, piggy back, he likes to show I'm his. 
He shuffled back to his original position of my head on his lap and him sitting up on my bed. Someone started pounding on the door, I sighed an slowly sat up.
"I got it babe." Niall started to stand but I pulled him back.
"My room, my door." I laughed, standing and walking to it, I opened it up to see jake smiling wickedly. "It's just Brenda! One sec." I lied, stepping into the hall and closing the door behind me. I started walking out of the building and jake followed closely behind me. When we got outside I continued walking until I was sure we were hidden.  "What do you need!?" I snapped, jake rolled his eyes and checked me out.
"You know." He laughed, I gave him the dirtiest look I could. "I heard something." He started, glancing around, "saw something." He muttered I rolled my eyes.
"T-t-today junior." I snapped, he chuckled.
"I saw christy leaving nialls room last night." Jake looked completely serious. Normally, I would laugh and say ya right, but I saw her and niall talking yesterday, and than he went 'off to bed' really early and I didn't see her around the party. How could he? Like god. I need to get him back. 
"Come to my room in twenty." I muttered, storming inside.
"Where did you go?" Niall asked, the second I walked back into my room.
"You need to go." I stated, he frowned. "Brenda's getting Dara and Anna, I forgot its girls night." I lied, niall nodded, kissing me quickly and walking out of the room. Looking at him feels wrong, his kiss felt like I was kissing her. EW. 


I help my breath as jakes laid silently over me, half inside me.
"May?" Niall yelled, pounding on the door again. Jake smiled really big and thrust into me, hard. I moaned softly, glaring at jake. "Why did you lie to me? Brenda's at a party." Niall asked, I thanked god I locked the door and wrapped my legs around jakes back, making it so he can't thrust anymore. He chuckled softly, 
"I take it you didn't break up with him?" Jake whispered, I rolled my eyes. 
"Screw it. Just fuck me." I mumbled, untangling my legs.


I laughed at something Anna said about this guy she likes as we walked into the lecture hall. 
"Your a fucking dick!" Niall yelled, I glanced around to see niall beating the shit out of jake. I screamed slightly and ran to them.
"Niall! What te fuck are you doing!?" I yelled, niall looked up at me and I gasped at the disgust, anger and alcohol in his eyes.
"What the fuck am I doing!" Niall snapped, punching jake again. "What the fuck are you doing!?" He yelled. 
"Get off him." I ordered, Anna gave me a shocked look and I shook my head at her. "Ill explain at dinner!" I stated, she nodded and walked away. Niall punched jake again and blood dripped from his mouth. "Niall! Stop!" I yelled, grabbing nialls hair and pulled it upwards, he stood and grabbed my hand, slapping me across the face and shoving me into the wall. "What the fuck!?" I yelled, glaring at him, my eyes filling with tears. His frown dropped and he had a look of utter shock painted on his face.
"May... I am... I am so sorry." He stuttered, I felt the first tear leave the corner of my eye but didn't whipe it away, I felt another one escape as I looked at my boyfriend. I would have never in my life expected niall to hurt me, even when he bullied me. I never ever thought he would hit me. 
He took a step towards me and I took one towards my class.
"D-don't come near me." I ordered, turning and running to class.

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