Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


24. Smokes?

"Hey." I laughed as harry shoved niall, "Guys stop." I ordered, giggling, "don't kill each other, ill be back." I stated, walking to the back door, I opened it and stepped outside, feeling the sharp cold air hit my exposed arms, I reached Into my clutch bag and pulled out a lighter and a smoke I snagged off Zayn, lighting it. "So that's where my last smoke went." Zayn muttered, I glanced at him. "Don't even give me shit." I joked. "Nialls going to kill me if I let you smoke." Zayn stated, I sighed, "Nah." I lied, "I haven't smoked since collage man..." I muttered, flicking the ash at him. "That's a good thing." Zayn stated, plucking it from my fingers and dropping it, stepping on it an putting it out. "Zayn!" I whined, he chuckled, "You have to outlive the five of us babe, your not smoking." He stated, I sighed an dug around my purse, pulling out a dime bag. "I swear to god if you take my weed ill kill you." I stated, he grabbed it and slid the small bag into his pants. "Your not. Ill give it to niall." Zayn snapped, going inside the building. Is he fucking kidding me!? I followed him in and stormed towards them, grabbing zayn by the hair. "Who the fuck do you think you are?!" I hissed, he hissed in pain and niall grabbed me. "What the fuck!?" Niall snapped, I rolled my eyes. "I'm going home. Until you wanna use your fucking head, don't come over to our house." I snapped at zayn, he rolled his eyes. "Hey niall, guess what may stole? A smoke, she was just outside smoking it." Zayn fought back. I sighed. "Ya right, niall knows I stopped smoking in collage." I lied, niall nodded, "Why else would she go outside!?" Zayn hissed, "To roll one, but you took my pot." I snapped, "niall, babe, I know your having fun, an you can stay out as late as you want, but I'm going home ok? Zayn took my pot, I'm pissed off and I just don't wanna deal with him." I snapped, kissing niall quickly. I turned without another word and left. "You actually believe her?" Zayn asked, I flipped him the bird from over nialls shoulder. "She doesn't smoke anymore." Niall argued, zayn rolled his eyes. "She just fingered me." He mumbled, "Are you aware that you sound like an irritating sibling tattling?" I snapped, "You two always get along so good! Why are you arguing!?" Louis asked, walking into the room, "Because he's a tool." I stated, "niall babe I'm hitting up the mall with nick and Brenda, ill see you later ok?" I asked, niall nodded and kissing me sweetly. "Are you fucking kidding me!?" Niall yelled, coming into view, I quickly dropped my smoke and glanced at him. Stepping on it and keeping my foot over it. "Hey nialler... What are you doing walking by nicks balcony at 10:30 at night?" I asked sarcastically, niall frowned as Zayn came into view, "oh. Nice, you didn't believe me clearly." I snapped, nick sighed and walked inside his house, leaving me alone to talk to niall. "But Zayn was telling the truth! I just had to see it to believe it. May, you promised me, In collage, you promised you would quit." He stated, I ran a hand through my hair. "I did quit! I never said shit about not smoking again." I muttered, niall sighed, "Lets go, were going home." He ordered, I rolled my eyes and knocked on nicks glass sliding door, he glanced over and I waved goodbye, he waved back an I turned and jumped the balcony. "Get out." I snapped when Zayn walked into the small guest room I'm laying in. "May" he whined, I rolled my eyes, "Just get the fuck out." I hissed, he sighed and left. I sat up, put my headphones in and started blasting music, leaning against the wall beside the bed and closed my eyes. I did this alot in highschool, it's how I got my mind off everything. The door opened and I smiled to see harry come in, he sat next to me and gave me a tight hug. "I'm sorry this is happening may, I really am." He stated, I took my headphones out and rested my head on his shoulder. "Can you buy me some, please haz?" I begged, he sighed. "I'm not with you on this, we all want you to stop again." Harry stated, "Haz, please," I begged, he frowned. "Absolutely not." He stated, "I'll get niall to than." I replied, standing and leaving the room, I walked down the stairs to the living room and plopped down next to niall. "Hi baby." I whispered, putting my lips to his ear, he chuckled. "Hey." He mumbled, kissing me quickly. I ignored the other four boys and trailed my finger around his chest. "Nialler...." I moaned quietly in his ear, I really need to work this so he buys me smokes. "Can you do me a quick favor babe?" I asked, niall nodded like crazy. "Anything love." He stated, "Can you buy me some smokes?" I asked, without giving him time to say no I kissed him quickly. "After you finish the pack your done for good." He ordered, I nodded, "or were done for good." He threatened, I nodded, "I promise." I stated, I just need one more pack, than ill stop, it's not that hard to stop. I dropped the last bud in the ashtray and ran a hand through my hair. "Your done." Zayn stated, I glanced at him. "I still hate you." I muttered, biting my lip. "I'm just helping you." He stated, I fake laughed. "You should just let me take care of myself," i snapped, he chuckled, "May, your so damn stubborn!" He teased, niall came down the stairs and I smiled. "Morning." I grinned, ignoring Zayn and standing, I wrapped my arms around nialls shoulders and pressed my lips to his. "You guys are disgusting." Liam snapped as he came down the stairs, I pulled away and flipped him the bird. "Oh liam, I'm sure you'll find someone!" I joked, he chuckled and walked to the kitchen, "did all four of you stay here lay night?" I asked, niall nodded. "I didn't think it would matter, sorry babe." He whispered, i shook my head. "It doesn't ni." I lied, it's not that I don't love my boyfriends bandmates, they just get on my nerves a fair bit. "Look at her." Niall chuckled, I blinked a few times and glanced up, two fingers on my bottom lip. "Hm?" I asked, niall and louis chuckled. "She's a keeper mate." Louis teased. I laughed, "I just zoned out, leave me aloneeeee!" I joked, "so niall," I started, the other boys turned to me aswell, "I'm thinking about going out with Denver tonight." I stated, niall sighed. "Your not." He stated, "why not." I asked, a angry tone in my voice, "I don't want you to," he stated, kissing me, "Niall! He's been one of my bestfriends since high school!" I stated, "I don't want you to go out! Especially not with him!" He said, "Well, I'm going out with him weather you like it or not." I snapped, he sighed. "Your not going out with him ok?" My eyes widened as he said this, he sounds so serious, so angry. "Im going to hang out with him horan. Suck it up." I snapped, niall grabbed my arm, his grip way tighter than needed. "Niall, your hurting me." I whispered, the other boys stood, liam making his way over to us. Niall squeezed my arm, making me scream a tiny bit. "Niall!" I yelled, next thing I know Liam's got niall pinned to the wall and Harry's got his arm wrapped around me. "Don't hurt her mate," liam warned, i frowned, why the fuck is he so mad?! "What the hell niall! He's just a friend!" I yelled, harry sighed. "niall mate, you can't control her." He stated. "niall calm down." Liam ordered, Zayn and Louis stayed silent, watching. "What the fuck is your problem with denver!? You don't even know him!" I yelled, pushing away from harry and grabbing my purse. "I'll see you later." I snapped, leaving the house.
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