Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


15. Secrets

I opened me eyes to see niall, sitting and starring at me. I sat up quickly and was hit with a massive hang over. "Ugh. Where am I?" I asked, niall frowned. "I knew it. You were drunk. Fuck." He mumbled, I closed my eyes. "No. No no no no no." I whined, "why did you even let us have sex!?!" I yelled, collapsing back into his bed from my headache. "You didn't seem drunk. I didn't think you were drunk." He mumbled, I rolled my eyes. "How did I not seem drunk!?" I snapped, he closed his eyes. "You asked me to get back together with you." He mumbled, I closed my eyes, "No. Please be a dream, a nightmare." I whispered, why is this happening to me. "What was I thinking?" He asked himself I glared at him. "Your a asshole." I snapped, grabbing my bra off the ground, I got dressed quickly and walked out of the room, trying to ignore my pounding headache. "Maybry," nialls friend liam grabbed my wrist as I walked by him in the hall. "What do you want!?" I snapped, liam rolled his eyes, "Did you tell him?" Liam asked, looking worried. "No. I haven't yet," I mumbled, liam looked at me with pleading in his eyes. "Don't. Please." He begged, I smiled slightly, "you can't. It will crush him." Liam begged, "Like he crushed me? Sounds good." I mumbled, liam grabbed me by my hair and got up in my face. "Maybry. You don't understand, you can't tell him." Liam pleaded, I glared, "Let go of me." I ordered, he frowned an let go. "Sorry." He mumbled, "I won't tell him," I paused, seeing relief flood Liam's features, "now." I finished, smiling smugly and walking away. "What if I told you why he made you leave when you told him?" Liam called, bargaining with me. "He told you?" I asked, liam nodded, "Fine." I mumbled, walking back to him, "why did he break my heart?" I asked, "Because he knew the baby wouldn't be his." Liam explained, "so he told you to leave, he wasn't going to break up with you, he was going to let it sink in. But you ended it." Liam explained, I closed my eyes and started walking away again, quicker this time. "Are you going to tell him?" Liam yelled, I glance over my shoulder. "I don't know." I replied, I love having a secret over someone. I know something that would ruin niall, niall would hate liam for it, hate him so much. I have a few secrets that could hurt niall, but if I tell him there's no going back to him. No way. "Maybry." Niall yelled from outside my door, I rolled my eyes and opened it. "Can I help you?" I snapped, "What's liam hiding from me?" He asked, getting right to the point. "What are you talking about?" I Asked, "I heard your conversation with him, what will wreck me?" He asked again, I closed my eyes. "I can't tell you." I mumbled, he frowned "Please, Liam was telling you the truth, I was shocked because I knew we had used a condom everytime, so I knew it wasn't going to me mine. It broke my heart, the minute you told me I was fighting back tears. You cheated on me." He mumbled, I bit my lip. "I didn't Cheat on you." I stated, it's the truth, niall closed his eyes. "Don't try. It's obvious you did, you didn't correct liam when he said it. Just tell me what Liam's hiding from me." Niall begged, I bit my lip. "Niall. I have a lot of things I wish I could tell you, but if I did, we would be done for good." I stated, niall smiled, "Are you saying you don't want us to be done for good?" He asked, I rolled my eyes. "Of corse not niall. I love you." I stated nonchalantly, he chuckled, "I love you too." He stated, I ignored the smile fighting to appear on my face and glanced at the ground. "Can you leave? I'm hungover and I have classes later." I mumbled, niall chuckled. "Bye." He mumbled, walking away. At least he left the liam thing alone, I just don't think I can go out with him again, something always goes wrong. We've dated more than once and everytime has only lasted a few months. Ugh. I know I should stop taking niall back, or stop wanting him back, but the heart wants what the heart wants. You can't choose who you love. A/N It's taken 10 try's to upload this chapter... Please let me know in the comments if there's a problem with any of the chapters! Sorry it's so short.

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