Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


6. Pot and kisses

"Can I talk to you?" Niall ran up behind me, I ignored him and handed the cashier money's for my coffee. "Thanks." I mumbled, I'm baked out of my mind. "Maybry." Niall said in a irritated tone. I continued to ignore him. "Just listen to me. I like you too. Please. Just talk to me." He begged, I ignored the happiness that filled me and sipped my coffee, walking to my first class of the day. "Hey!" Nick walked up and put an arm around my shoulder. "How's my little party animal?" He laughed. I giggled. "Hung over." I stated, sipped the coffee. "You were drunk!?" Niall asked, "Can you leave?" Nick snapped at niall. "Make me." Niall snapped, I laughed and glanced at nick. "He's not even worth your time. Want your coat back?" I asked, nick looked at me and laughed. "Your still wearing it?" He laughed, "keep it." Nick grinned, I smiled back and offered him some coffee. Niall stood and starred at us in disbelief. "Where did you go last night anyway? We waited around for three hours after you left than went to our own dorms." Nick stated, I bit my lip. "I went for a walk. Found your pot n blazed all night. Still really baked." I mumbled, nick laughed. "Nice man. Why didn't you invite me to smoke my own pot?" He teased. "Can I talk to you about last night? She was a one time thing. After I fucking saved you from that dick you didn't even talk to me." Niall stated, "Lets get high after classes later. Ya? Text Brenda Dara Anthony and Denver! I have to get to class." I took my coffee from him, grabbed nialls sleeve and towed him after me as I stormed away. "Niall. You need to shut the fuck up." I snapped. "I was drunk. Lets both just pretend it never happened. Go fuck your slut or something." I mumbled. "I'm going to be late." I snapped, walking away quickly. "Hey skank." Christy called as I walked by in the hall, as usual hanging all over some guy. I rolled my eyes and turned to her. "Boyfriend of the day? Or just a nice in between class fuck?" I asked, her smug smile dropped. "In between class fuck eh" I laughed, flipping my hair and walking away. Bumping right into niall. "If it isn't the man whore of the school! Congrats you two! Your going to get herpes!" I smiled, walking up to nick. "Lets go get high" "Everyone else can't. So it's just us." He smiled, "Perfect." I replied, casually glancing backwards to see niall glaring at nick. "Sorry." I whispered, pressing my lips to his. When I pulled away nick put his arm around me and we walked outside. When we were alone I glanced at nick and bit my lip. "Sorry, I just really needed to prove to niall that I don't care about him." I mumbled, nick frowned and looked away. "I'm assuming you do?" He asked, "Kinda." I mumbled, turning away. Nick tapped my shoulder, making me turn to him. His lips met mine and I pulled away quickly. "Nick... I um. I don't feel like this about you, i dont want this to affect our friendship but I can't. I'm sorry." I turned and started to run, why does this have to happen. For the first mont of being friend with nick couldn't even remember my name! I just can't lose this friendship. "Hi." I smiled at jake, he gave me a confused look. "Can I help you?" He asked, an amused smile playing on his lips as I leaned forward so he has a full view of my chest. I giggled and made it obvious that I was checking him out. "Wanna come back to my dorm?" I offered, he smiled and grabbed his textbook. "Lets go." He winked, standing and wrapping an arm around my waist. We walked through the poorly light halls and out into the dark night. Jake pulled my body against his. "Not that I'm complaining. But don't you hate me?" Jake asked, I giggled like a little girl and stopped walking. Putting my lips really close to his ear. "I need a break from boys I like." I whispered, it doesn't exactly make sense but I really don't care. He chuckled and we started walking again, "Everyone on Campus will know my name by tomorrow morning." He joked, I rolled my eyes and fake laughed. "Thanks." Jake mumbled, winking at me and checking me out as he left my room. I laughed. "I'll see you round." I muttered, he smiled and shook his head, walking away. I bit my lip and slowly closed the door, right before it closed a hand flew in. "What was that asshole doing here?" Niall snapped, I laughed, "He apologized." I bit my lip. "that asshole!?" Niall yelled, "lets not forget that he hit you!" "He made it up to me." I laughed, niall rolled his eyes. "Are you trying to prove something to me? Kissing your friend, fucking that ass. What are you trying to prove maybry!?" Niall yelled, I rolled my eyes and kissed him, I had to. He kissed back instantly, sparks flew. I know it's cheesy to say that but it's true. Sparks flew and I hated that it has to be niall I feel this way about.
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