Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


19. Love hate play this game or right and wrong

"Wake up baby." 
I frowned,
"Harry?" I asked, opening my eyes, Harry's hovering a few feet over my face, grinning,
"Last night was crazy." He mumbled, I laughed,
"Nice try harry." I giggled, siting up and clutching nialls Shirt to my chest. He chuckled,
"I picked that shirt out. I figured you'd like it." Harry's probably like my older overly flirty brotherly figure in the band.
"Leave her alone!" Niall yelled from somewhere in the house.
"Harry! As irritating as you are, I fucking missed you!" I hugged him tightly, ruffling his hair. He laughed,
"I missed you too!" He yelled, sliding into the bed next to me. I laughed,
"Harry.." I mumbled awkwardly, making him laugh.
"Your not wearing pants are you?" He teased, I giggled,
"Nialls good at getting me out of them". I joked, harry frowned.
"He wasn't too.... You know... Rough yesterday, was he?" Harry asked, I gave him a confused frown.
"no harry, why do you even ask that?" I asked, he frowned.
"On the plane niall was going on about how he was going to make it so you can walk." He mumbled, standing again.
"Oh dear god. Horny little shit." I joked, harry chuckled half heartedly. "Pass me those shorts?" I asked, sitting up and stepping out of bed. Harry picked them up an turned, checking me out. "Now hop out while I put on a bra." I ordered, closing the door behind him. I pulled on a a bra and slid into the booty shorts, letting my hair down and running a hand through it. I smiled and walked downstairs to the kitchen. 
"She's putting on a bra." Harry stated, I started laughing and glanced at niall.
"Your such a freak haz." I joked, he laughed and ruffled my hair for the millionth time since I met him.
"morning beautiful." Niall mumbled, I smiled and stepped so were chest to chest, me looking up at him.
"Morning." I mumbled, I kissed him quickly and walked to the fridge. "I'm walking just fine by the way." I teased, turning to see nialls face go red, he looked at harry and glared. 
"You told her!?" Niall yelled, harry laughed and sipped his coffee, giving me a smug smirk. I pulled out the milk and poured myself a bowl of cereal. Sliding onto a bar stool and started eating slowly. 

"I'll be back in a hour or two." I stated, kissing nialls shocked face.
"Where the hell are you going!?" He asked, 
"Out." I said while checking my phone,
"May." Niall started, "I just got home." He mumbled,
"And I'm really happy. But I also have a life other than our relationship. Plus. The boys are here. Write more music or get drunk or something." I ordered, laughing. He gave me a look as I walked from the house, climbing into my small black car and gassing it to nicks.

"Nialls mad." I stated, inhaling deeply.
"You told him!?" Nick asked I blew out smoke and gave him a irritated look.
"Obviously I didn't tell him Im smoking." I stated, niall hates how i act when Im high. But I love being high. 
"Thank god. He probably knows." Nick mumbled, 
"I know, but if I act sober when I get home ill be fine." I stated, nick laughed and lit it up again.
"I don't understand why you can't just tell him." He mumbled,
"because, niall would flip. If he knew I get high this much he would kill me. I promised him I would minimize it. " I mumbled. My phone started ringing and I coughed up more smoke, I checked the ID and saw niall grinning as I kissed his cheek. 
"Hey baby." I answered putting him on speaker phone, he sighed.
"your high." He mumbled, sounding disappointed. 
"I'm not. I'm at the mall." I lied, nick chuckled quietly.
"Come home. Please." Niall begged, I rolled my eyes.
"Ok. Ill be back in thirty." I mumbled,
"Good. Love you." He stated, ending the call. My eyes met nicks and he frowned,  
"You have no backbone." He stated.

"Your high." Niall mumbled, looking Into my eyes.
"I might have had a puff or two." I stated,
"Your baked. You were at nicks." He muttered, I closed my eyes. 
"It's not fair for you to try and change me." I stated, he frowned, 
"I love you" niall stated, "I just don't want you doing drugs, were not kids anymore." He stated. 
"I'm actually not as stupid as you seem to think." I snapped, 
"than why do I feel like I'm constantly babysitting you!" Niall snapped back, I rolled my eyes.
"Than don't try to! I'm old enough to take care of myself!" I yelled, 
"No. Your obviously not!" He argued, 
"I've been alone for months without you niall! I managed fine then!" I hissed, pushing him away.
"You get high too much! It's not healthy! A few weeks ago you were coughing up blood from smoking!" Niall yelled, I rolled my eyes.
"It's not up to you what I do horan!" I snapped, niall rolled his eyes. I glanced away.
"stop acting like a little kid!" Niall ordered, 
"stop treating me like one!" I spat. He rolled his eyes.
"maybe Don't go out and get high the minute I get home!? Try and stay sober for a day!" When niall said that I wanted so badly to slap him.
"Your being an asshole!" I yelled, niall laughed sarcastically.
"And your being a stupid little kid!" He snapped,
"I'm not being a little kid. I took care of myself for months without you. You've been back for not even two days and were already at each others throats. Ill see you tomorrow." I hissed, shoving him away from me and walking towards the guest room door. Why we chose to fight in here, I don't know. I walked into the hall and bumped into Zayn, his eyes were wide and I know he's been listening to the entire conversation. "Since he just got home he can have the bedroom." I snapped, Zayn grabbed my hand.
"Why would you fight with him. He just got home. Why did you go out and get high If you knew he would be mad." Zayn mumbled, i yanked my hand away.
"it's my life. Ill fuck it up how ever I want to." I stated, walking down the stairs towards the door. I snatched my keys off the table, and jammed my feet ito my uggs. My eyes met Harry's, and than Liam's, and than louis. Thy all have angry and worried expressions, "don't you have houses of your own!?" I snapped as I stormed to my car

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