Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


20. How could you

I opened the door to our house and stepped inside. It's three am. I'm guessing everyone left, nialls car is the only one here. I'm drunk I guess, I shouldn't have drove home like this. I stumbled to the couch and pulled off my jeans, draping a blanket over me. 


"The door was wide open. Anyone could have come in." Niall whispered, I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to open them and show I'm awake.
"Was she drunk?" Louis asked, 
"I think so. She drove home Lou. What if she would have crashed!?" Niall said in a panicked voice. 
"But she didn't. She's ok niall." Louis coaxed, trying to calm him down.
"I don't know why I let her leave. I shouldn't have gotten so mad. She's the love of my life louis." Niall mumbled, I rolled so he can't see the tears that are rolling out of my eyes. Why did I fight with him? I whipped my tears away.
"She's never going to change, you know that right? I've known her a year and I know that she loves being high, she loves provoking you." Louis mumbled, I rolled my eyes and slowly opened them, yawning. Nialls eyes met mine and he frowned. 
"Shut up Lou. I don't care if she changes. I love her for her." Niall stated, walking to me and sitting next to me. "I'm sorry babe." He mumbled, running a thumb from the top of my cheek to the bottom.
"No I'm sorry. I was out of line." I replied, sitting up. Niall kissed me quickly, smiling after.
"Like I said.." Louis trailed off, talking to liam, I tried to listen but louis talked quieter than before. Liam nodded,
"I don't get it either." He muttered, 
"They're talking shit about me, in the same room, In my house." I whispered, niall frowned.
"It's my house too." He joked, I half smiled.
"Are they mad because of our fight yesterday?" I whispered, niall nodded.
"they all are. That why harry and Zayn aren't here." He whispered back. I rolled my eyes.
"well. I want to get high." I mumbled, "but, I won't." Niall grinned,
"Thank you." He kissed me again, nibbling on my bottom lip. I giggled,
"I love you." I stated, niall laughed.
"And I obviously love you." He replied, I smiled,
"Obviously." I teased.
"But what's not to love." He joked. "We're perfect for each other." Niall laughed, kissing me again, I smiled and stood making niall laugh. "Your not wearing pants babe." He mumbled, I giggled and grabbed them off the floor, pulling them on and adjusting my bra. When I glanced up liam was giving me this look, the look was complete and utter disgust and dissapointment. 
These boys, they will kill for each other, even if the person they have to kill is someone that's been with them all along. It's crazy really. At that second I realized that wow, I have really fucked it up this time. 
"Hi boys." I mumbled as I brushed past them, I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of orange juice. When i turned niall was giving them hell.
"She's my girl and I love her." He snapped, I closed my eyes and grabbed the counter. My wrists strained and the skin was pulled tight, making me think of, how perfect would it be to just do one small cut. Just to feel that panicked rush, that moment of true terror, the pain.
"I'll be back down in a few." I mumbled, jogging to the upstairs bathroom. I grabbed my razor blade and turned it around, looking at it. I haven't used it since niall called me all those rude things so long ago. I pressed it to my skin on the inside of my wrist and screamed slightly as it sunk in, I swiped it quickly and sat in the tub, watching the blood trickle off my wrist into the drain. The red standing out amongst the white tub.  I tipped my wrist upside down and watched a thicker stream. After five or ten minutes the door opened. Louis came in a undid his pants, obviously about to take a piss. when he saw me he quickly zipped them and yelled for niall. 
"What the fuck are you doing!?" Liam yelled,
"I'm watching myself bleed, it's a distraction." I stated,
"Why!?" Niall yelled, them all trying to spot the bleeding.
"Because, I fucked up, I'm having anxiety about them making you leave me, I just needed a quick break from my thoughts." I stated, niall gave liam and Lou's glares. 
"I thought you promised you wouldn't do this again last time!?" Liam asked, I rolled my eyes.
"Such a big deal." I mumbled, closing my eyes,
"Stay awake may." Niall mumbled,
"I am. I'm just resting my eyes." I lied, feeling myself slipping into a deep crevasse of sleep. 


"I told you not to fall asleep." Niall mumbled, stroking the hair out of my eyes, I frowned and blinked a few times.
"What time is it?" I asked in a scratchy just woke up voice.
"It's a little past midnight." He stated in his sweet irish accent.
"Holly shit." I mumbled, he nodded, 
"I told you not to fall asleep baby." Niall repeated,
"Go to bed, it's late, I'm just gonna watch some movies I guess." I muttered, I hate when he looks at me like I'm a stupid immature kid.
"ok baby," he said Half heartedly, pressing his lips to mine, "be careful with your wrist ok?" 
"Yes niall." I murmured, getting irritated. 
"Don't be a bitch, I had to drive you to the hospital and I was so scared. I'm going to bed." He snapped, going upstairs. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Opening them and finding the remote. Perfect, titanic is on.

"Are you ok!?" Niall asked, rushing to me, I hushed him and pointed to the tv. Whipping my tears as rose had to let go of jack. "Oh." He mumbled, "your such a girl." He teased, kissing me quickly. I pushed his face away but curled up to him.
"I used to cry at this movie, because I was sure, I was so sure, that I would never find love like that." I mumbled, niall chuckled,
"I would die to save you." He whispered in my ear, "I'll never let go babe." I laughed slightly, turning and kissing him.
"Your such a freak." I teased, 
"Says the one crying over titanic." He poked my side.
"Niall! It's like three in the morning! Why you awake!?" I yelled, "not that I'm complaining." I joked, grabbing his face and kissing him like I was going to die.
"Because I was thirsty." He mumbled, looking at my chest.
"I can tell." I mumbled jokingly, he chuckled and started tickling me. "Niall! Stahp!" I yelled, laughing, I fell backwards off the couch but he didn't stop. I screamed out in laughter. After a second I pushed him off of me and ran to the kitchen, niall chased me around until he grabbed me from behind and spun me around. I screamed and laughed.
"niall!" I squealed, he chuckled an kissed my neck, pushing me against the fridge and kissed me passionately.
"Can you two shut the fuck up!? It's three in the morning!" Zayn yelled, rubbing his eyes as he came down stairs in grey sweats and no shirt. My eyes widened when I saw all the new tattoos, his abs have gotten better, he's fucking ripped. Zayn noticed my state and a smug smile grew on his face. Pulling his pants a bit lower and doing an grind on the air when niall was facing me. I rolled my eyes and pushed niall away, running behind Zayn.
"Zayn! Help!" I yelled, Zayn chuckled as niall went into the fridge.
"Seems like he wants food more than you." Zayn teased ,
"We are talking about niall." I joked, niall glanced over his shoulder and gave us a fake pouty face.
"I love food. Sue me." He snapped, me and Zayn both laughed and I grabbed nialls phone off the counter. Unlocking it and going onto twitter,
"What ya doing?" Zayn asked,
"Following the next few people that tweet him" I mumbled, I know it will make some girls life to have him following her. I clicked on one girl who sent a generally nice tweet to niall and followed her. Niall came up behind me and frowned,
"What are you doing!?" He almost yelled, panicking.
"I'm following people on your twitter? God. Calm down." I mumbled, he sighed,
"Can I have my phone please?" He grabbed it from my hands and I glanced at Zayn in confusion, Zayn didn't make eye contact.  
"Well I guess I'm going to go to bed." I whispered, looking at niall. He nodded and I frowned, walking up the steps. I got to our room and flopped backwards onto the bed, I guess I should give up and just go to sleep. I sat up and stripped to just my panties, and slid under the covers.

I felt niall slide into the bed an opened my eyes, glancing at the clock
"Your just coming to bed?" I asked, he nodded, "niall. It's eight in the morning. You only slept three hours." I mumbled, niall looked at me and grinned.
"Cute." He joked, pulling me to him. I felt a hard on grow and hit my leg.
"niall." I warned, I want to know what he's hiding. Why he freaked out about me being on his phone. He sighed, "go to sleep." I snapped.
"Why?" He whined, i rolled my eyes.
"because I don't want to do anything with you right now." I muttered,
"And why is that?" He asked, not letting it go.
"Because your hiding something from me." I stated,
"You wanna know why your not allowed on my phone? Because I wanted to keep you happy but I guess I'll tell you." He paused, "I cheated." 
Those words
They burned me
Stabbed me slowly
I can't feel my body but I know that I'm sitting up, I'm standing, getting dressed. I can hear niall talking, but I can't understand a thing he's saying. I walked out of the room towards the front door, down the steps, grabbed my keys off the counter and left.

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