Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


23. Harry

Harry's POV

"Whatever I guess, swerve bitch." Maybry snapped, I sighed and glanced at niall who was looking at her as she walked towards the stairs. She got down one and he opened his mouth.
"Maybe we need a break." He suggesteded, I looked at him.
"What the fuck are you doing?" I whispered, niall sighed,
"She doesn't love me like she used to, I can tell, we just need a week of seeing other people, I know it." He whispered back, I nodded,
"a hmmm?" She asked, looking worried,
"A break." Niall repeated, 
"Your breaking up with me..." Maybry ran a hand through her hair and glanced around.
"No, until next Saturday, we can see other people, still live together but just see other people." Niall explained, I sighed, why am I here?
I'm always here, I just I don't know, I know maybry thinks of me as a overly flirty brother figure, but I know I don't think of her as a sister.  
I blinked a few times and started paying attention again, nialls running a hand through his hair and yelling in maybrys face, she's crying and yelling back.
I would never make her cry. I zoned out for two minutes and they are at each there's throats...
"Fine! If that's what you want! Lets take a break!" Maybry snapped, niall rolled his eyes,
"I just want it to be how it used to." Niall stated, she bit her lip. 
"Oh. So taking a break will make it better? In that case lets take 2 weeks." Maybry snapped sarcastically, walking into their bedroom and slamming the door. I flinched and glanced at niall, he sighed.
"That went horribly." He muttered,
"Where's she going to stay?" I asked,
"I was thinking she would just stay here, but I'm sure she's going to hate me for a bit... Can she stay with you? I don't trust Zayn or liam with her and Lou and el are trying to work it out so I don't think they would want her in the way..." Niall mumbled, I nodded,
"Of corse, but why don't you trust Zayn or liam?" I asked,
"liam and her have history, history she doesn't want to discuss, and Zayn thinks he's all smooth an secretive about pulling his pants low and winking and shit when she's around." Niall stated, I felt guilt eat me alive.
I do that same thing, but not around him.
The bedroom door opened and maybry came out with a big bag in her hand.
"Do I not get a say where I'm going to stay!? Or is that up to you niall!?" She hissed, I sighed,
"Would you like to come stay with me?" I offered, she rolled her eyes.
"Fine." She snapped,  "bye." She hissed at niall, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, grabbing her face in his hands.
"we need this." He stated, leaning in to kiss her, she dodged it and picked her bag up again, brushing past him.


"Thanks," she mumbled,
"No problem love." I replied, holding in my excitement.
"If he thinks we need to see other people, than I'm going to see other people, like I don't even know, I might just be a slut an sleep with a million guys. Show him." She hissed, ranting,
"Um. Maybe just start with one..." I muttered, setting her bag in my guest room.
"I know this Is going to sound weird... But can I just stay in your room with you please?" She asked, I hid my grin and nodded. 
"Why?" I asked, trying not to sound excited.
"Because I watched a really scary movie the other night and I just can't sleep without someone by me." She stated sheepishly, I chuckled.
"Lets go than."


maybrys POV

"What do you want to do tonight?" harry asked, I sighed, it's been one day I this break and I don't know what to do.
"I want to fuck someone." I stated, glancing at harry, excitement sparkled in his eyes. He thinks he's being so subtle, but I can see, I can see how excited he's been. I may be teasing him a tiny bit, I don't know why, but with nialls friends I like it when they want me, especially harry. "I want someone that niall would hate me for." I whispered, "I want someone he's close to.. As bad as it makes me sound." I muttered, I picked up my sandwich and took a bite, dropping it back to the plate. 
"So were not going clubbing?" Harry asked, smirking.
"Lets just stay in, im tired haz." I mumbled, taking my last bite of my sandwich an stood, picking up the plate and putting it in the dishwasher. Glancing at the clock, it's 2:36.
"Wanna watch a movie?" He offered, I giggled.

"What do you want me to order for dinner?" I asked, harry chuckled stumbling towards me. I hit the numbers for a Chinese take out place, hoping he will want Chinese.
"I dunno" he slurred,
"Your drunk." I laughed,
"And your high." He chuckled, I laughed louder.
"What do you want?" I asked again,
"You." He mumbled, I giggled as he put his hands on either side of my head, taking a hit of my joint I leaned against the wall, setting the phone down.
"Do you now?" Exhaling smoke as I spoke.
"Yep." He pressed his lips to my neck, his curls tickling the bottom of my chin and ear.
"Nialls going to hate you if he finds out." I moaned softly,
"He's gotta understand how much we all want you, it's not just me love, it's Zayn too" harry stated, kissing my lips after, I leaned into him and the kiss deepened. 



"Hey." An Irish accent drifted through Harry's flat. I raised my eye brows and harry when he gave me a panicked look.
"He won't notice haz." I whispered, I'm laying naked in Harry's bed, horrible sex hair, "just keep him out of the room." I murmured.
"may!?" Niall yelled, I sighed and sat up, pulling on some clothes.
"In here." I muttered, 
"Are you naked!?" Niall asked when he opened the door, harry chuckled and pulled the blankets up.
"I sleep naked mate." Harry mumbled,
"I just got back, came in here to tell harry about it." I lied, nialls eyes widened, "hey, don't even, it was your idea." I snapped, niall nodded.

"I remember when we first met." Harry mumbled, I rolled my eyes.
"Don't get all dramatic on me." I joked, "I felt sooooo awkward" I smiled.

"Guys." Niall yelled, holding my hand.
"Ya mate?" Liam asked, when he saw me both of our smiles disappeared, the other three boys came into the room and smiled at me. Zayn and harry looked and each other, than at niall, than at each other, than at me. I laughed,
"This is may my girlfriend." Niall stated, they all kept up their smiles and hugged me.
harry and Zayn just acted weird, funny and cute, but weird.
"Or when you told me niall proposed, I remember being like I know god damn. Who do you think helped pick the ring." He mumbled, I laughed and glanced down at the ring.
"I love him." I stated, my eyes met Harry's, a fake smile on his face.
"I know." he muttered.


~end of the break~
"How many?" He asked, I bit my lip and took a sip of my drink, making a face as the alcohol slid down my throat.
"Lets just not talk about it." I begged, niall sighed, "fine. You tell me first." I ordered, niall looked at me and than his hands.
"23" he whispered, I started coughing up some of my drink and gave him a shocked look.
"4" I stated, niall sighed in relief, "but one of them was quite a few times." I stated, nialls eyes widened.
"Who?" He asked, 
"Harry." I stated simply, "but I don't want to ever take a break again..." I stated. Niall nodded and took a swig of his beer. An awkward silence fell onto us and I glanced around, "23 girls?" I  asked, he nodded sheepishly. "Why should I be surprised." I muttered, 
"common babe." He whined, "don't be mad, you slept with one of my best mates." He whispered, I rolled my eyes.
"I would have fucked more, but it's obviously way harder to leave you than it is for you to leave me." I muttered,
"Love, were not fighting, lets just watch a movie, cuddle, be romantic, be in love." Niall begged, I nodded an the door opened,
"We gotta stop leaving that unlocked." I mumbled as harry walked in, smiling at me with Zayn trailing behind.
"May, did you and harry have a fuck?" Zayn asked, I laughed and nodded, "that's not fair!" He snapped,
"Sorry, next time ill make sure to fuck everyone equally." I joked, niall pulled me onto his lap, glaring at the other boys.
"Please do." Zayn joked back, I giggled and ran a hand through my hair, niall practically growled when harry ruffled it and sat next to us.
"Lets go clubbing." Niall suggested, I nodded,
"Sounds good."

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