Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


26. Gotta stay high

"we're back!" Niall yelled, I glanced and louis to see him give me an encouraging half smile. I put on my best mad face, and watched the door. Niall walked in, arm around the girl, her hand intertwined with his on her shoulder. Nialls eyes are glued to his phone and he doesn't see me, but the girl smiles at me.
"You must be elenour!" She states, I lean towards Louis for the strength to not kill her. 
"Els here?" Niall asked, glancing up, his eyes met mine and his arm dropped off her shoulder and his smile disappeared.
"Hi niall." I smiled a fake, angry forced smile, "and in not el, I'm Nialls fiance." I snapped, "or his ex, I'm not sure yet." 
"I can explain." Niall stuttered, I nodded, "I'm sure you can." I snapped, my hand was squeezed an I glanced down to see zayn's fingers intertwine with mine. I glanced up at him and he gave me a small smile. I glanced back to niall and e have Zayn a glare.
"May listen to me, it wasn't my choice, managements making me take her out, they want me to get some bad press." Niall argued,  I nodded,
"Oh, in that Case management wants me to fuck Zayn, want him to get some good sex." I hissed, Zayn grinned. The girl nodded,
"It's just for press." She stated, I tightened my grip on zayns hand. 
"There's no paps in here, no need to hold hands. What ever niall. I don't get why we're even together, your a pathological lier when it comes to me. So as of now, I am done." I muttered, letting go of zayns hand, he grabbed my arm.
"May, think this through." He whispered, I glanced at him, the worry in his eyes, and nodded. "Stay with us on tour for a few." He practically begged. I looked from Zayn to niall, nialls eyes zeroing on Zayn hand on my arm. I sighed.
"Ok. Ill stay." 
Louis liam harry and Zayn all cheered, hugging me tightly. Niall ran a hand through his hair while the girl dialed something on her phone and started muttering into it. "I'm not sharing a room with him." I stated, nodding towards niall, niall rolled his eyes.
"May." He mumbled, I blinked a few times and turned away. "Your the only girl I love, you know I love you." Niall stated, I rolled my eyes.
"Ya. Cause you do so much to prove it eh? Hitting me, yelling, lying," I glanced at the whore, "cheating." I snapped, louis stood up.
"Hitting you?" He asked, I bit my lip.
"Fuck. It was once, he was drunk. Harry already threatened him its fine." I gushed. 
Louis threatened niall, they all yelled at him, I fell asleep on Zayns lap after a few, jet lagged.


"no, we didn't tell him to date her." Simon mumbled, I shot niall a glare.
"Ok. I'm gonna go move out of nialls house, bye uncle si! Love you!" I kissed Simons cheek and left the room, I started crying almost instantly, how could niall do this to me. I stepped into the hotel elevator and watched hopelessly as the doors slowly closed, A white converse slipped in and the doors opened again, Louis made his way inside.
"They told him to date her. They want you to breakup with him may. They tried the same crap with me and el." Louis gushed, I rolled my eyes,
"Your his friend, your going to lie to keep me happy." I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks. 
"To tell you the truth, it would be a blessing for all of us if you two broke up, we all love you, but you and him have non stop drama. So if I though he were lying I would go along with it. But this happened to me and el." Louis argued, I nod and follow him off the elevator, he takes my hand for support. "Actually, instead of just staying, you should just go into the room and run to niall whispering about how much you love him and how you would never break up with him. It'll piss Simon off." Louis stated, I laugh and turn to the room, seeing niall raging through the small window. I walk to the room and open the door, grabbing niall and kissing him.
"I love you niall, as much as I want to, I can't break up with you." I stated, he chuckled and I heard Simon sigh from behind us. "I believe you" I whispered, too quiet for Simon to hear. 
"Maybry," Simon started, I glanced at him over my shoulder and smiled,
"I'm going to be staying on your for awhile." I stated, holding nialls hand and taking him out of the small room with me. The second we walked far enough away from Simon I pushed niall away. He frowned, "don't touch me." I hissed, "I might believe you but I haven't forgiven you! I don't think we can ever go back niall, I'm giving up on us." I whispered the last part, not looking at him. I heard his footsteps stop and glanced back.
"Your... Giving up?" He asking, I sighed.
"Just come, I'm going to get pot from someone at the venue tonight and watch the show high." I stated, niall started walking again,
"I don't want you high." He whispered, I nodded,
"I don't want you famous." I snapped sarcastically.


"Thanks." I smiled at some guy, he grinned, 
"let me know if you need more." He smiled, I laughed, 
"Will do." I stated, walking back to niall and harrys change room, I opened the door and screamed. Harry's butt naked. Covering my eyes I sighed. "Haz!" I whined, he chuckled.
"I'm dressed now." He muttered and I uncovered my eyes to see him in tight white boxers, grinning at me.
"Where's my bag?" I asked, harry
Chuckled and pointed to the pipe on the counter.
"Nialls fuming, he went into your bag for Chapstick." He laughed, I smiled and grabbed it, 
"I'm going to solo blaze, see you during the show, have fun." I stated, snatching my pipe and leaving the room.

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