Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


16. Getto

"Hi." I walked up to liam,
"Did you-.." I cut him off,
"No, I havent told niall that a few nights after me and him got back together you basically raped me." I snapped, liam frowned,
"I've apologized a thousand times." He mumbled,
"And I don't want to hear them. It's been horrible trying to keep it from niall." I snapped. Walking away.


"Hi." Niall awkwardly hugged me. I smiled at him,
"Hi." I replied, he chuckled, 
"Want to go for nandos?" He asked, I laughed,
"Sure, why not." I muttered, closing my dorm room door behind me and following after niall. We brushed past a guy I swear I know from somewhere, I stopped walking and looked at him. "Excuse me?" I asked, the guy turned and i gasped, "David!" I cheered, running and hugging him. He smiled and looked at niall, his smile dropping.
"So you did cheat on me?" David asked, me and David dated in highschool and niall broke us up, but David never fully believed it.
"No." Niall stated, "I told every single one of her boyfriends the same bullshit story, because I wanted to ruin her." He stated, David's eyes widened.
"Are you two..?" He trailed off and I rolled my eyes.
"No. Just going to get some nandos, wanna come?" I offered, David grinned,
"Sure," He laughed, I smiled, turning to niall who was giving David a death glare. 


"But remember when you were trying to do a flirty laugh and started choking?" David teased, I laughed,
"Oh my god that was hilarious." I stated, laughing, "or when you were trying to impress me with how much you could bench but the weights slid off." I laughed, he chuckled. Niall rolled his eyes and rubbed his hand on my leg under the table, I swatted it off and turned back to David.
"So, what's the story here?" David asked, I laughed,
"Niall and I dated and I told him I thought I was preggers, he told me to leave so I broke up with him, left campus, found out I wasn't, came back." I gushed, david chuckled.
"Never a boring day." He joked. I laughed, 
"Exactly." I stated, David smiled and awkwardly pulled out his phone,
"Gimme your number, ok?" He handed it to me and I blushed, 
"Ok." I replied, glancing at niall through a curtain of my hair, he's pissed.
"Actually. I'm done. This was supposed to be a date, me getting her back, apologizing, explaining how I can't live without her. I need you to leave. Don't call her, she'll call you." Niall snapped, David's eyes widened and he took his phone, quickly leaving. I glanced at niall to see his face red, his muscles are flexed and he's shaking.
"Niall. Are you ok?" I asked, he looked at me,
"I'm pissed off maybry! I should kill that fucking kid." Niall snapped, I frowned and grabbed his hand.
"Nialler, you need to calm down, ok?" I asked in a soothing voice, niall didn't listen, he kept glaring at the door. A elderly couple gave me a worried look as they walked past our booth table. "Niall. Baby. Calm down, please calm down." I begged rubbing his hand, not realizing I called him baby. Niall stopped, looked at me, and smiled slightly. 
"Baby?" He asked, I swore under my breath and bit my lip. "Ok, I'm calm." He mumbled, smiling that goofy smile i love.
"Stop." I mumbled, "stop making me want you back." I ordered, he chuckled and grabbed my hand that was on his, playing with my fingers. 
Our food finally came and niall dove in. I'm actually not that hungry so I only had a few potato wedges, but niall, niall ate his meal and David's. 


"I'll be right back." Niall hopped out of his car in the "getto" and walked into darkness. I waited, and waited and waited. Until someone tapped on my window, making me jump a million feet in the air. I rolled my window down a tiny bit, and he chuckled seeing that. He's tall, quite handsome from what I can see.
"That your boyfriend?" He asked, gesturing to two guys beating the shit out of him. I screamed and got out of the car, running to them.
"Niall!" I screamed, he glanced up and I saw terror on his face. Nialls scared. I've never seen him scared. The two guys looked at me and I suddenly felt extremely exposed.
"Hey baby," one mumbled, this guys wearing a snapback and is also really cute, walking away from niall, who's laying on the ground, and towards me. I started walking backwards until I bumped into something, the guy who came to the car window. "Your boyfriend here owes us money. But your pretty hot. How about," he paused, "you boyfriend lets all of us have a fuck with you, and than we don't kill either of you." He stated, I glanced at niall, he obviously doesn't have the energy for anything but he's mad.
"Who's all of us?" I asked, wanting my voice to be strong but I came out shaky and scared.
"Us three." The other guy (like the other two, almost identical, but he has on a toque) who was beating up niall stated, leaving niall on the ground behind them. I glanced at niall to see him shaking his head to say no. 
"Fine." I snapped, ignoring niall.
"That ok with you?" The guy in the SnapBack asked, nialls gave them all a glare.
"On one condition." I mumbled, they looked at me, "you use protection." I muttered, they all laughed,
"Nah, were good." The guy in the toque stated, I rolled my eyes.
"Im pregnant," I lied, nialls eyes popped out of his head and the snapback guy laughed.
"Fine, we will use protection on your pregnant ass. But after, you have to make me a sandwich." He snapped, I laughed,
"Don't trust me with food yo." I laughed, he nodded, I'm not afraid, I used to roll with kids like this, I was only scared when they were beating on niall.
"In that case you have to fuck my cousin too." He mumbled, I nodded, 
"Help him get into the car, and than lets get this bull over with." I mumbled, they nodded and grabbed him, helping him into the passenger side of the car. 
I had this moment, moment where I thought, Ill just jump in and drive away. But they would hunt us down. 

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