Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


13. Finished

"Are you official?" Nick asked, glaring at niall. "I guess." I mumbled, feeling awkward talking about my relationship with nick. "Yes we are. Problem?" Niall snapped, I giggled and rested my head on nialls shoulder. "Don't be mean." I whispered, niall gave me a look in reply. "Hey." Brenda gave niall a glare and smiled at me. "Whassap?" I giggled as I said it. "B. I can't believe your with him again." Nick stated, looking depressed. But he always looks depressed. "Ey. Shut up." Niall snapped, "I care about maybry, and she cares about me, maybe try and be happy for us?" "Niall! I understand what your saying but you can't snap at my friends!" I stated quietly. "Your too nice love." Niall mumbled, I giggled. "Are we still getting drunk tonight?" Brenda asked, nick laughed along with Denver and Anna. "We better be." I replied, we all started laughing except niall. "Don't you have classes tomorrow?" Niall asked, I stopped laughing and glanced at him. "Yes, and?" I asked, niall frowned. "Than your not drinking love." Niall stated, I gave him a hard glare and glanced at the ground. I guess nialls right. "I guess not.. It is a Thursday" I mumbled, nestling into nialls side. My friends all went silent. "Hey. I gotta go. Black Anthony wants to meet us." Brenda stated, I nodded, "I'll come." I stated, niall chuckled, "Babe, you said you were going to come watch a movie with me." Niall mumbled, I nodded. "Ok. I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow, love y'all! Tell black Anthony sorry I couldn't come!" I stated while giving them all apologetic hugs. "Hey." I smiled at my friends as I walked up to them after class. "Careful, Are you allowed to talk to us!?" Anna snapped, I rolled my eyes. "Guys. I know he was a bit over the top yesterday. But he just cares." I stated, Brenda rolled her eyes. "I'm sure he does. But we care about you, we have been on your side for years." He stated. "We have to go." She lied, I bit my lip. And started towards nialls dorm, soon I was sobbing, trying to hide it. When I reached his room I ran in without knocking, only to see niall asleep on his bed and jakes not here. I locked the door behind me and laid next to niall. "Ni. Wake up baby." I begged, crying into his shoulder, he opened his eyes and have me a worried look. "Babe? What's wrong?" He asked, kissing my forehead and whipped my tears. "My friends are mad at me for ditching them yesterday niall. It's your fault, so why can't I be mad at you?" I asked, crying, niall chuckled. "Because I'm adorable." He joked, kissing my neck, cheeks, nose, and finally lips. "I am The sexiest thing on this world and your lucky to have me." He stated in a serious voice. I pushed away and frowned, is he fucking serious!? I glanced up at his face to see him have a entertained smirk, he started laughing. "You scared me." I laughed, pressing my lips to his jaw line. "I think I'm going to stay over with you tonight. I can't go to my empty dorm." I whispered, someone started pounding on the door so I stood, opening it to see jake glaring. "Can you stay with a girl tonight? Or even my dorm. But I just want to stay with niall tonight." I mumbled, jake nodded, seeing that I'm crying. "Fine." He snapped. "Thanks b." I muttered, closing the door and locking it. I glanced at niall and smiled. Grabbing a shirt from a top door, and slowly undressed, pulling off my shirt and putting his on, slowly peeling off my jeans and jumping into his bed, unclipping my bra and snuggling up to him. "This is nearly perfect." Niall mumbled, I giggled, "Nearly?" I teased, "I'm not getting up at all, ever again." I stated, niall chuckled. "That's just jakes shirt." He stated, I fake gagged and pulled it off, basically naked. "Better?" I asked, nialls jaw dropped, "Perfect." He mumbled, kissing me. I laughed into his mouth ad closed my eyes for a second, pulling away from the kiss and opening my eyes again. Niall closed his eyes and I felt a hard on start to grow. I giggled softly and watched him. "Niall? I appreciate that your not trying anything, but babe, go for it." I mumbled, grabbing his hands and putting them on my breasts. I arched my back slightly as niall moved his hands around, chuckling. I moaned while he palmed my breasts, feeling a bit of heat downstairs. He rolled me so I'm laying ontop of him on my back and slowly slid his hand down my stomach, kissing my neck. He stopped at my panties line and ran his index finger in light circles. "Niall" I whined, begging him to go on.... I woke up with my head on nialls chest and smiled, no, we did not have sex, we just made out, he never did more than play with my boobs. It was a bit disappointing but he respects me, it's sweet. Just kidding, we had sex. "Hey babe, I have to go but I'll see you later ok?" I whispered, he nodded and kissed me quickly, watching me dress. ~three weeks later.~ "What do you mean your late?" Niall asked, I cried more. "I mean I might be pregnant niall." I sobbed, he stood and walked to his door, opening it and gesturing for me to leave, I cried harder. "What happened to loving me!?" I yelled, "You need to leave." Niall whispered, I closed my eyes. "You sure as hell loved me when you were fucking me, but now, now I need to leave!?" I slapped him. "I can't believe I ever loved you, we're done. For good." I flipped my hair and started walking away. "Wait." Niall grabbed my wrist but I shook him off. "It won't be yours." I lied, walking away quickly. When I got to my dorm I started packing, I'm done with school, I cant handle being in the same area as him.
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