Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


5. Fights and alcohol

"Take a step back!" I ordered, one of my friends Denver has this kid jake beefing him, and getting all in his face.
"Shut the fuck up." Jake said to me, I rolled my eyes.
"Take a goddamn step back." I snapped, he turned to me again.
"I said stop talking, so stop talking." Jake stated, I shoved his chest away from Denver but Denver pushed me out of the way, shoving jake against a wall and putting his arm across his neck.
"Dont talk to my friends like that." Denver hissed, getting grabbed by jakes asshole friend, the two of them started fist fighting and jake walked up to me and got all up in my face.
"I can shut that pretty little mouth for you." He snapped, shoving my hard into the wall, my head bounced off it and he grabbed my hands to keep me for hitting him. He swept my legs so I fell to the floor, a second before he could kick me he was pushed out of the way, I glanced up to see who punch him as niall was fuming. 
"Never hit a girl." Niall yelled , starting to beat the shit out of jake. When he stood up he waS about to walk to me but my group of friends saw me on the ground and rushed over, making a semicircle around me. 
"Are you ok?"
"Do you need a doctor"
"Is she bleeding?"
"I think she in shock guys.". 
"Serves her right. I bet her and Denver are fucking, look at her. Such a slut. Like EW." A girl named christy hissed, glaring at me. I blinked a few times but couldn't escape my thoughts.
Why did niall help? He could have been like everyone else and walked by. But he stopped and helped, why? Why? Why why why why? Ahhh!
"I'm fine." I mumbled, standing slowly, Denver sighed and smiled at me.
"You really didn't need to help me." He mumbled, I laughed.
"You shouldn't beef my friends." I said in a fake threatening tone. Denver laughed.
"Ya you sure showed him. Common. Lets get you to your dorm." My other friend nick mumbled, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.


"Hey there." Nicks black friend Anthony smiled as he walked into my dorm room. I laughed.
"Hey man. What are you doing here?" I asked as all my stoner friends walked into the room.
"Bringing the party to you." 


"I'll, ill be right back!" I slurred, stumbling out of my dorm room, I wondered to the boys dorms and found myself knocking on nialls door. "Niall? Can I, can, can I talk to you?" I asked, knocking, "niall I need to talk to you." I know he has his own dorm, b use to go on an on about it. "Niall open the door." I felt myself become sober again. "Niall?" I knocked again. "Ok. Well. I don't get why you helped today, or why you have suddenly stopped being a dick to me. But I know why I stopped hating you. Niall I like you. A lot." I mumbled, I heard shuffling on the other side of the door, it opened and a shirtless niall with pants half undone and crazy hair shook his head.
"This really isn't a good time." Niall muttered, he ran a hand through his hair and glanced behind him. 
"What. A. Joke." Christy laughed, standing in a sheet, holding it around her body. Niall glanced back at her than to me, a neutral expression on his face.
"You know what. Nevermind." I mumbled, turning and walking away. I reached into the pocket of nicks coat that I wore and pulled out a lighter and a joint. Placing it between my lips and lighting it.

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