Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


27. Done

I rolled my eyes as niall fed Kate (the girl he's fake dating) her fries and turned to Zayn.
"So, if I were to stab both of them, help me hide the body's?" I joked, Zayn chuckled.
"Hi." Sofia an liam sat and I fake smiled.
"Hey." I muttered, biting my lip, liam gave me a small smile.
"How are you?" He asked, I nodded to them,
"How do you think?" I whispered, the door opened and I glanced to see who was walking in. Louis plopped down at the table next to us. 
"Those damn paps are vultures. Can't we just eat at the hotel?" He asked, I sighed.
"Can all of you stop bitching? I'm going to the bathroom." I snapped, standing and walking away from the table. I walked into the bathroom and gripped the counter, keeping myself from screaming. Ugh. It's impossible to see the boy I love fall for someone else. 
"Hey." Kate smiled at me through the mirror, I rolled my eyes. "This isnt my fault." She muttered, I turned to her.
"don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even think about me k!?" I hissed, she sighed.
"Oh maybry. Your fucked. Nialls falling for me, your going to end up alone." She hissed rolling her eyes at me.
"Oh hunny, dont roll your eyes, you might find a brain back there." I snapped, flipping my hair and walking back to the table, I sat next to louis, "hold me back before I kill her Lou. I'm going to kill her." I whispered, louis chuckled, i felt myself breath heavy i cant handle this. Kate came back and sat next to niall, his eyes lighting up.
My heart shattered, niall is falling for her.


"He's falling for her." I whispered, Zayn laughed under his breath.
"Trust me, he loves you more than anything, when he talks about you he looks so happy, when you walk into the room he just lights up b." Zayn coaxed, I nodded.
"I'm going to go talk to him." I whispered, standing and walking out of zayns room, I walked into nialls and jumped onto his bed. "Nialler." I called, he pulled his blankets down and patted the spot next to him. I slid under the covers and kissed his shoulder.
"are we ok?" He asked, I sighed,
"Are we ever?" I asked, he chuckled.
"Good point." He whispered, holding me close to him. "I love you." He stated,
"i love you too." I stated, biting my lip and smiling. "Do you have a signing tomorrow?" I asked,
"No," he stated, "I finally get a day off." 
I grinned, nestling my face into his neck and inhaling his sent. 
"What are your plans?" I asked, hinting lightly that I want to be with him.
"I'm taking Kate to this fair. She loves those, isnt that great? Than were probably going to dinner, just me and her. I reserved a whole restaurant just for us, I'm sure she's going to appreciate it. What are you doing?" He gushed, I bit my lip, a tear escaping my eye, he is falling for her.
"I'm not sure." I whispered, trying to keep my voice from cracking. His body shifted so I'm being held tightly against his chest. "I- I don't think I should stay." I stated, 
"Why?" He questioned, 
"Because I don't think you want me here." I muttered, sitting up.
"what!?" He asked, I rolled my eyes and stood. 
"Don't lie to me niall. I can't handle you anymore. I'm going home." I snapped, grabbing a few things off the ground.
"wait!" Niall begged, standing and grabbing my forearm. "Please don't go, let's spend the night, figuring it out, please babe." He whines, I rolled my eyes and dropped the stuff. 
"Fine" I snapped, walking to my side of the bed and laying down.


"I'm leaving!" I yelled for the thousand time. Niall grabbed the pipe from my hands and threw it at the wall, I gasped and watched it shatter into a million pieces. 
"Your not leaving!" Niall roared, I slapped him hard across the face. 
"You asshole that was a gift from Anthony!" I yelled, niall held his cheek and glared at me.
"You. Are. Not. Leaving." He hissed.
"Niall. Last night you practically made me sleep with you. And you wouldn't even hold me after. You dick." I snapped, niall sighed.
"Don't be so not into it next time than!" He argued. 
"Niall. I'm leaving." I mumbled, sounding tired. Niall looked at me and swiped everything off the desk, swearing loudly.
"Your not fucking leaving!" He screamed. I let tears escape my eyes and closed my eyes. I heard a small knock on the door, and opened my eye to see the handle jiggle.
"Unlock the door." I ordered, niall rolled his eyes.
"No." He snapped, I sighed and walked to the door, opening it, my arm got grabbed and Zayn yanked me out of the room. 
"Are you ok?" He asked, I nodded,
"Im leaving" I mumbled, Zayn frowned,
"Please stay! Even if it's to get back at niall, just stay." He begged, I sighed,  
"Fone." I whispered, walking back into nialls room, I slid in behind harry and walked over to my shattered pipe on the group.
"I'll buy you a new one." Niall whispered, I shot him a glare.
"No niall! You don't understand! It was from my highschool bestfriend, the one who stopped me from killing myself a million times. Your a asshole horan." I muttered, 
"I.... I'm sorry!" Niall whined, I rolled my eyes. 
"I'm going out." I hissed, flipping my hair an walking out of the room. 



"maybry." Niall whined from outside my room, the door opened an Kate walked in, closing it behind her.
"As much as I hate to admit it, he loves you, and he feels broken up about this whole pipe thing." She mumbled, I sarcastically laughed a harsh laugh.
"He deserves it." I hissed. She laughed.
"You. You are the only person who would be mad when niall horan Is begging them to talk to him." She laughed, I bit my lip.
"Why are you here?" I asked, a hint of anger in my voice.
"I will win in the end. Why not enjoy a show." She hissed, I stood and backed her into the wall.
"Here's the thing! Nialls my fiancé, your just some fake whore who thinks your all that. Hun you ain't shit." I yelled, she raised her hand as if to try and hit me. I quickly grabbed her fake hair and pulled it so her head hit the wall hard, "fucking try to hit me. I dare you!" I threatened, sweeping her legs, I watched her fall to the ground and let go of her hair. Walking out of the room.


"Hi maybry! What are your thoughts on nialls new girlfriend!?" A tall handsome pap yelled as I stepped out of the hotel.
"I have nothing to say." I stated, the pap grabbed my arm.
"Can we have a quote!?" He asked, I shook him off.
"No." I snapped, turning and walking, he stayed on my heals, not leaving me alone. 
"Is it true you and niall are fighting over your drug abuse problems!?" He asked, that one hit home. I stopped walking,
"Where did you read that!?" I asked, he smiled and shoved a camera in my face.
"Niall said it yesterday!" He stated, I rolled my eyes,
"I don't abuse drugs." I stated, walking back into the hotel, I walked up to nialls room and swung the door open. He glanced up from his phone and smiled.
"Hey babe." He winked, grinning at me.
"Niall. I think we need a break." I mumbled. "I think it's because of my drug abuse problem..." I mumbled, watching as his eyes widened.
"I didn't mean to say it." He started, I held up my middle finger defiantly.
"But you did. And now the world thinks I abuse drugs. So were taking more than a break. We're breaking up. And I'm going to stay with a different one of the boys for a few days, when the tours over and we get home. Maybe we can sort this out. Or maybe I'll move out." I mumbled taking my ring off and setting it neatly on the desk, niall opened his mouth but closed it again. I nodded and turned to leave, walking out of the room and out of the hotel again, I reached the street and pulled out my phone, calling that guy who I bought from the other day.  "Hi...... I need.... Not just that.... Ok.... Ill be there in five..." I ended the call and caught a cab.

"Nialls going to kill me." The guy mumbled as he handed me pot, hash, shisha, and a small bag of white powder.
"Me and him broke up." I stated, the guy gasped,
"No way!" He whispered, "ok... Just please be careful," he begged as he took the money I handed him. 


"May. What the hell are you thinking!" Zayn screamed as he walked into his room, I finished the line I was doing and turned to him, whipping below my nose, I blinked a few times, (AN ive only ever smoked pot. So idk what being high on coke is like, so bear with me) 
"Im abusing drugs zaynie." I stated, Zayn came and whipped the rest of the lines off the table, telling me how stupid I am. "That was expensive!" I yelled, Zayn sighed.
"Is this because of niall." He asked, 
"Well I don't want niall to be a liar. So if he says I abuse drugs than I guess I abuse drugs." I stated, Zayn took all my stuff and put it in his pocket.
"Zayn I'm not even kidding. Give it back." I begged, 
"After you an niall talk." 



I glanced down, the paps snapping pictures of me, I can't wait to see the headlines, the pictures of me perched on the balcony railing, deciding weather to jump or not, nialls going to go ape shit when he sees them. Maybe I should just jump. People are yelling at me not to jump, but what if it's already too late for me, what if niall and I never get back together, I think I would be the safest from my heart breaking if I jump. 
I close my eyes, and shift my weight a little bit, letting go with one hand, 
"May?" Nialls voice stands out to me through all the other yelling people, I open my eyes and see him in the crowd, Kate next to him. 
That's what made me do it.

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