Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


10. 2chances

"I want a second chance." Niall stated, I bit my lip.
"I want to give you one." I replied, he smiled, "but. I don't know if I can." I muttered, he sighed.
"Please. Please may. Cheating on you was the worst mistake of my life. Please. Please take me back." He begged, when he begs his eyes go a brighter blue, if that's even possible, and his top lip quivers a tiny bit. He's possibly the most adorable thing I have ever laid eyes on.
"Why should I?" I think now I'm just getting him back for breaking my heart.
"Because the reason I broke you and all your boyfriends up wasn't because you told my girlfriend I had herpes." He paused, glancing around, "it's because I love you, I've loved you for years." He stated, I closed my eyes, complete shock filling my body.
"You love me?" I asked, it's not that I'm not flattered, im so happy, but, I don't love him. I might like him a lot but I don't love him yet. "Pick me up at 7 for dinner?" I bit my lip, feeling myself blush.
"Perfect. I'm taking you for a fancy dinner babe, dress nice." He winked, smiling brightly.

"Hi. I'm niall." Niall smiled, his teeth shocking me a bit, other than that he's gorgeous, perfect.
"I'm maybry." I stated, running a Han through my hair.
"I hear you just moved here?" He's so nice!
"Ya. I don't really know anyone yet." I muttered, he chuckled,
"You know me... Can I get your number?"
I blushed an nodded, pulling out my phone.
"Hey! Maybry!" A girl Brenda called, I turned to her. "Get your ass over here!" Brenda yelled, I nodded.
"I guess I'll see you around." I muttered, not giving him my number, it completely escaped my mind.
"Your welcome." Brenda laughed.
"Niall, he's a complete man whore, such a dick." She stated.
~end of flashback.~
If I had given him my number everything would be different.  

"May?" Niall asked, I smiled at my reflection and stood, my dark blue dress with slits in the slide matches my black pumps perfectly.
"Hey." I smiled, opening the dorm room door. Niall grinned
"You look beautiful." He stated, I blushed and glanced at the ground.
"Thanks." I giggled, "your not half bad yourself" I joked, trying to lighten the awkwardness I feel.
"Are you ready?" He asked, taking my hand. 
"Yep." I stated awkwardly, grabbing my new black clutch off my desk and turning off the light. "Lets go?" I half asked. I dont want to mess this up.

I turned on the radio in his black range rover as we drove towards what bet resturant he's taking me to, so it's not too awkward of a car ride. 
"I hate this song!" Niall complained, I rolled my eyes and turned the volume up.
"Insulting my favorite song eh? Just take me back." I joked, "how do you not love this song? Two directions is amazing! The irish ones middle name is niall!" I laughed, niall glanced at me and gave a fake smile.
"I'm over joyed." He joked, I giggled and glanced out my window, singing under my breath
"And I'll be gone, gone tonight. The ground beneath my feet is open wide. The way that I've been holding on too tight, with nothing inbetween." I whispered, i live for this song.
"Your not half bad eh?" He teased. Parking the car outside this fancy restaurant I've never had an interest in.
"I'm basically beyonce." I laughed, niall chuckled and got out of the car, walking around ad opening my door for me, helping me out. I felt myself blush. "Thanks." I mumbled, 
"I'm going to treat you like a princess, because your my princess." Niall stated, kissing the back of my hand. I can feel my face going redder and redder, Im probably as red as a tomato by now. 
"Reservation?" The waitress asked, smiling at niall, he frowned.
"Um. No. I didn't know I needed one." He muttered, looking worried.
"I'm sorry, were completely booked." She snapped after seeing his arm go around my waist.
"Common niall. Lets go somewhere else." I whispered, kind of glad.
"I'm so sorry may. I really wanted this to be special." He mumbled, putting a hand on the back of his neck and biting his lip.
"Lets to to nandos!" I half suggested half ordered.
"Genius!" Niall joked.


"I had a great time tonight." I stated as niall walked me back to my room, he grinned.
"Good. I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" He half asked, I smiled,
"I guess so." 
He leaned in to kiss me but I found myself casually dropping my purse ad bending to grab it, dodging the kiss. "Night." I mumbled as I stood, I smiled and leaned in, hugging him awkwardly. 
"Oh. Um. Goodnight." Niall murmered, looking confused as I closed my door in his face. 
"What the fuck was that?" I whispered to myself. 
I sigh, locked the door, and kicked off my shoes. Undoing my dress and sliding out of it, I undid my bra and let it fall to the floor, hiring the lights and slipping into bed. "I shouldn't have gone on about two directions in the car ride there..." I muttered, hating myself.

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