Hold tight

Maybry and niall have a horrible history, he bullied her all throught high school and single handedly ruined every single one of her relationships.
When she gets into collage she finally feels as if her life will be good. But how long will that last?


18. 1 year

-one year later.-
"Hey Zayn." I kissed my fiancés band mates cheek.
"How are you love?" He asked, 
"I'm ok. I missed you guys. That was a long few months." I muttered, he chuckled,
"Nialls been so excited to see you. Going on tour was killer for him. He was bitching the entire plane ride about how when we get back were leaving the two of you alone blah blah blah." Zayn laughed, I grinned.
"When will he be here!?" I asked, Zayn checked his watch,
"In about five minutes. I hopped in a cab right away." Zayn mumbled, I nodded. We walked over to the couch and sat down.
"it's amazing how you blew up in a few weeks, went on tour, every time I turn on the tv there's something about my boys!" I smiled, Zayn chuckled,
"It's crazy may. It's the ride of my life." He mumbled, "I still can't believe all the things you did to support us as a band. Hell. Your the reason were famous. If it wern't for you posting and tweeting and instagraming we wouldn't be here." He mumbled. I laughed and stood, grabbing him a beer from my fridge,
"Well I love niall, to pieces." I muttered, throwing him the beer, I grabbed myself one and started towards the couch again.  The door opened and I saw my favorite blonde irish boy. I screamed and dropped my beer, hearing the bottle shatter as I ran to him. I jumped into his arms holding him tightly.
"May!" He cheered, kissing me.
"niall." I whispered, grinning, it's hard being away from the person you love for long periods of time. "God I missed you." I mumbled into his neck. someone coughed awkwardly.
"Not to mess with the moment, but I need I get past." Liam mumbled, I laughed and let go of niall, standing straight again. Liam hugged me and you could feel the tension in the air. 
What happened between us is in the past, but it happened again when he was drunk one night, niall knows, but it's still awkward.
"Hi liam." I mumbled, liam flopped on the couch and I turned to niall. Smiling at him. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled his face to mine, pressing my lips to his. Just as he started to deepen the kiss I felt him get shoved away, I opened my eyes as I got picked up and swung around.
"May" Harry yelled, I laughed,
"Harold. I was busy." I joked. He chuckled and set me down on the couch, shuffling so I'm right next to him and niall. I rested my head on nialls shoulder and closed my eyes.
"I love you." He whispered, I smiled and inhaled deeply, I've missed everything about him.
"I love you too ni." I mumbled, he grabbed my hand and started playing with my fingers.
"I want you guys to meet someone." Liam started, opening the door. A really tall gorgeous girl walked in on her phone. "This is Sofia, my girlfriend." I felt niall tense as she looked up at us. Sneering at us all.
"Hi." She said in a fake cheery voice. "So mice to meet you all." She lied, I rolled my eyes and turned to niall, he glanced down at me and kissed me forehead.
"God I missed you baby." He mumbled, "the tour was amazing though." He whispered, smiling at me. I giggled and gazed into his eyes, god I love him.
"Your amazing" I whispered, he laughed,
"Are you aware that your not alone?" Harry's asked, I sighed,
"Don't you guys want to go home or something?" I asked, harry sighed,
"Common mates. Lets go to my place and leave these love birds alone." He teased, They all got up, Zayn ruffled my hair as he walked past.
"Bye." They called,
"Chao." Sofia snapped, I rolled my eyes and waited for the door to close behind them.
"Chao." I snapped in a nasally voice, imitating Sofia, he chuckled pressing his lips to my neck.
"You don't know how much I missed kissing you." He mumbled, pressing a light kiss to below my ear. I let out a breathy moan, "and that. I think I missed that the most." I giggled.
"I missed you so much niall. I'm coming next time." I mumbled, he laughed,
"I'm going to show you just how much I missed your touch." He chuckled seductively.


I rolled my eyes as I whipped up the beer off the floor from before. 
"I can do that." Niall mumbled, I glanced up at him and laughed,
"Go to bed, you've been on planes all day. You must be exhausted." I stated, he did his signature laugh.
"I guess I'll go to sleep. Just don't be long ok?" He asked, I nodded, continuing to clean. 

I sighed and changed into one of nialls shirts for pajamas. I checked in the mirror and smiled, walking into the hall. I opened our bedroom door, expecting him to be asleep but niall was on his phone. 
"What ya doing?" I asked, he smiled at me.
"Reading some fans tweets." He grinned, I can tell he loves it, he loves his fans.
"Can I?" I asked, sliding into the bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around me and I grabbed his phone, moving so he's spooning me.
I started reading the tweets


'NIALLER. Is it true your engaged?' I clicked on that one and read the replies:
'He's not. It's just a rumor!' I rolled my eyes,
'He is, but the chicks a hoe!' I rolled them again, getting pissed.
"Awe baby don't read that crap." Niall whispered trying to grab his phone back, I stretched my arm forward and kept reading. I read some more tweets to him.
'Niall! I want your big juicy dick! Lets fuck please bae!' 
"Wow." I mumbled, reading more.
'#getniallsingle common niall! Dump her!' I frowned and looked at him. "These girls are vicious." I laughed, turning his phone completely off and dropping it on the soft carpet.
"don't worry about them babe. Your the girl I love." He murmered, "I've missed sharing a bed with you baby." He mumbled, trying to make a move.
"No ni. Bed time." I mumbled, turning nd closing my eyes, he sighed over dramatically soon he was snoring. I picked up his phone and turned it on, going through his tweets.

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