I Think I'm (Not) In Love

Jane (aka JJ) has a fun life being a fake girlfriend of one of the hottest pop stars in the world, but what will happen when one boy wants to take it further?


2. Author's Note/Contest

Hello Readers!

Im new to Movellas and I hope that you will like my first fanfic. It may be a little rough in the beginning, but I'll get better along the way :)

I want to have a quick contest before I update again.

If you want to have any of the following parts;

Liam's GF-

Niall's GF-

Zayn's GF-

Any of the boy's sister/brother/family member/close friend-

Email me at lulu.hall.00@gmail.com with a quick physical and personality description and what you want your character's name to be. Also, if you could email me your Movella's username, I'll give you a shout out.

Thank You!


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