I Think I'm (Not) In Love

Jane (aka JJ) has a fun life being a fake girlfriend of one of the hottest pop stars in the world, but what will happen when one boy wants to take it further?


7. 5: Jealousy

The ferris wheel was coming down. I lifted my head from Harry's shoulder. The immediate rush of cold hit my cheek that had been nuzzled against him.

When we got off we were still holding hands. He twirled me around and I giggled a little. When Catarina and Zayn got off me and Harry unlocked our hands and I walked over to them.

"Never again." Catarina said as she walked over to me.

"What happened?" I asked confused.

"Well, to start she nearly passed out on me." Zayn said.

"She was hyperventilating so much I was afraid she'd die." Catarina blushed a little at Zayn's words.

"I guess I'm afraid of heights..." She said awkwardly.

"Well, my ride is going to be here soon, so... Bye!" She said before hugging me. She walked over to Harry and hugged him too before walking away. I guess she was embarrassed about her recent ferris wheel trip.

"I'm gonna go on some rides with the lads" Harry told me. "See you in a while, love!" He said before winking at me. I watched as he walked up to Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. My intent stare was broken by Sam's waving hand.

"You okay, JJ?" She asked. I snapped out of my Harry-induced daydream.

"Yeah-No. I mean, ugh!" I couldn't get the right words out.

"Yes! Yeah, I'm fine." I finally got out of my twisted tongue.

"Alright..." She said wearily. "Do you want to go play some games?"

"Sure!" I quickly replied.

We started to walk around looking for games, but my mind was too busy to actually look for games. I didn't know what to think about what just happened between me and Harry.

"How about that one?" Samantha asked me.

"That one seems fun..." I said trailing off. We walked up to the booth. It was one of those games where you buy 3 darts and try to pop a balloon each time.

"6 please." Sam bubbly told the young guy behind the booth before handing him a $10 bill.

"This is a rip-off." I whispered in her ear.

"I know, but it's still fun!" She said happily before grabbing her 3 darts. I went to grab mine before a the guy grabbed my hand.

"If you hit all three, I'll let you get a big prize." He said before pointing up at the giant stuffed animals. He looked like he was about my age.

"Ok!" I said, maybe a little too cocky. I grabbed my first dart and threw it.


"Good job," He said "But you've got your throw all wrong." He jumped over the booth and walked behind me. I tensed a little as he grabbed my arm.

"Relax, its not like I'm gonna kill you!" He said jokingly. He grabbed a dart and I quickly shot a concerned look to Sam.

"All you do is stare at the balloon you want to hit and aim your dart just a tad above it." He propelled the dart from my hands, hitting the balloon.

"Hey! JJ!" The familiar voice startled me. It was Louis, storming towards me. The guy let go of me as Louis came up.

"Hey babe!" He said, before kissing my lips softly. I was used to Louis kissing me in front of people, but when he pulled away he had this strange look in his eyes. Almost as if it were jealousy.

"We were just about to leave." He sternly said, looking towards the guy at the booth.

"I still have a dart." I said before grabbing the last dart. I threw it and hit the balloon.

"Yes!" I said happily.

"Well, I'm a man of my words... Which one would you like?"

"Ummmm..... The bunny!" I told him.

"I'll go and get a bunny!" He then disappeared behind the booth. A couple minutes later he returned.

"Here you go......." He said, implying he wanted my name.

"Jane. You?"


"And I'm Louis. Time to go JJ." Louis said getting pushy.

"See you around Chris!" I said while grabbing my bunny.

"Bye Jane." He waved goodbye and I walked away with Sam and Louis.

"He was a nice guy." I said randomly. Louis hadn't made eye contact with me since our "kiss".

"What's your problem Louis?" I asked, stopping him. He looked up at me.

"Nothing." He said turning away and speeding away to our parked cars.

"He's on his period." Sam said. Making me chuckle a little.

"You're telling me..."

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