I Think I'm (Not) In Love

Jane (aka JJ) has a fun life being a fake girlfriend of one of the hottest pop stars in the world, but what will happen when one boy wants to take it further?


3. 2: Starbucks

*Authors Note*

Congrats Mrs.SamStyles! You have been given the part of Niall's girlfriend :) Thank You for everyone who has been reading!



"Sam? You almost ready?" I call up the stairs. I quickly saw a blur of messy black hair peek around the corner.

"I'll be right there!" Samantha yelled back to me.

"Ugh..." I stormed up the stairs to see her and Niall's room completely turned upside down.

"What happened in here?!" I shockingly questioned.

"I can't find my phone" She looked up at me then franticly searching again. I knew she wouldn't be able to find it herself so I decided to help out.

   Samantha and Niall were already together when me and Louis were set up. Since she had lived with 5 boys for a while, we bonded fast. She was always there for me when the hate got bad and I was always there for her. Today we were going to Starbucks to just hang out while the boys were at a photo shoot.

"Yes!" I saw her arm shoot up out of a pile of clothes. Her body soon tumbled out and grabbed her purse.

"Lets go!" She said happily looking at her phone while trying to slip on some flats.


      I was so happy that there was barely anyone at the Starbucks we went to. One of the cons of dating a pop star was the fact that you couldn't escape the screaming hormonal teenagers from anywhere. Samantha and I strolled into the store and all of the sudden I heard two ear piercing screams coming from behind me. 

Great, I thought to myself. I looked over at Sam and she gave me the same look. I turned and faced the two girls, smiled and walked over. We took pictures with the girls and told them we had to be on our way. There goes my alone day.

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