The one that got away

When Makayla (Selena Gomez) finally gets over her mysterious ex her world is turned upside down when he comes back. Now she must choose between both loves of her life. *finished*


7. chapter 7

When we arrived at the house and Justin got out of the car to let me out but Andrew ran up from behind him and punched him right in the jaw.

"You really wana be with someone else girl?" He hit him again. "Your nothing but a fucking wigger."

"Please she was always my girl Andrew. Get over your little wana be thug self." And Justin hit him.

For at least an hour Justin and Andrew tossed insults back and forth until got into the driver seat and told Justin to get into the car.

"Fuck you you fucking cunt!"

I knew he didn't really mean it but it hurt and I knew if was my fault. I should've never went out with Justin. I began to cry and I reached for my phone to call Andrew but I dropped it and when I went to reach for it the wheel jerked left right into four lanes or traffic. I look up and screamed.


He grabbed the wheel and snatched it to the right until we were safely stopped on the side of the road. My heart was beating so fast and Justin could see the fear in my eyes. He reached over and kissed my forehead.

"It's ok."

" I need to call Andrew!"

"Ok I'll drive you home!"

"No, I need to talk to him now!"

I grabbed my phone and dialed Andrews number.

"Hello?" He was clearly pissed and crying.

"Andrew I'm sorry!"

"Come home!"

Then he hung up. I loved Justin but I was in love with Andrew.

Justin drove me home after delaying it for an hour. He tried to convince me to go on tour with him and that we could be happy together but after the way Andrew fought for me I knew I was wrong. I just didn't know who to choose. When we pulled into the driveway I ran inside and to my room where I knew Andrew was waiting for me.

"Andrew I'm.." He ran up and kissed me. Then he did it again and again.

"It's ok babe, I'm jus glad your back."

Then Justin walked in behind me.

Andrew went to hit him but I yanked him backwards. They both just stood there staring at them. I knew I had a choice to make.

"Justin I love you so much! You were my first love and I'll never forget what we have. I'll never get over you. I need you!"

"So your staying with me?" He asked hopefully.

"No.." And I turned around and began kissing Andrew again. I gave Justin one last kiss.

"I love you" he whispered into my ear,

A tear slid down my face "I love you too.." I turned back to Andrew.

Justin looked at me desperately, I could tell his heart was breaking, then walked away.

My heart sank as I watched him walk out the door.

Me and Andrew went to my room and laid together.

I sat there remembering every touch,I feeling, emotion and memory me and Justin shared;

he was the one that got away.

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