The one that got away

When Makayla (Selena Gomez) finally gets over her mysterious ex her world is turned upside down when he comes back. Now she must choose between both loves of her life. *finished*


5. chapter 5)


"Yes! Happy birthday babe!" He said as he handed me a bundle of flowers and chocolates.

I was absolutely stunned. How could my ex boyfriends come back? It took me four years to get over him! Why would he just randomly come back?

"Justin can I talk to you outside."

I whispered so Andrew wouldn't hear.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Is all I could think.

As soon as I seem Justin's face all my feelings came back. I'm still in love with him but I'm in love with Andrew too.

"Justin, what are you doing here?!"

"I came back for you birthday. You really didn't think id miss your seventeenth birthday did you babe?"

"Don't call me babe!"

"Why not?"

"Because four years ago you jus picked up and left me with nothing but a note saying that it was over!"

"I'm sorry."


"Makayla please don't be mad! I'm on break for a couple weeks before I go on tour again and I'm spending them here with you."

As mad as I was I couldn't help but smile. I was actually very happy Justin had remembered my birthday and that he was going to spend it with me.

"You should come in. It's getting cold out."

As we walked up the stairs I seen Andrews face go from loving an laughing to serious and worried. Instantly he ran up and kissed me from behind.

"Who is this Makayla?"

"Justin this is Andrew, my boyfriend. Andrew this is Justin, my ex-boyfriend. He came down to tell me happy birthday."

Justin and Andrew just gave each other a look, a look that if Andrew hadn't been holding me by my waist I would've ran.

"So Justin? You can sit down. How's your Believe Tour going?" My mom asked interrupting the awkward stair down.

Andrew sat down and I resumed my spot next to him. He cuddled me into his lap as he watched Justin sit down next to my mother. You could see the anger in Justin's eyes every time Andrew kissed me. You could feel the tension in the room.

After an hour of pure torture Andrew and Christine left but now before Andrew purposely kissed me continuously in front of Justin.

" Bye Christine see you at school! Bye Andrew!"

After the door was shut I went into my room and shortly after, once Justin had distracted my mother, Justin joined me. I couldn't help but want to be with him. He laid down across the end of my bed and watched me as I finished my calculus homework.

After an hour I finished and we began to talk. What started about his tour became a three hour talk about our relationship and the next thing I new it was 10:00 the next morning and I had my head laying on Justin chest. I quickly got up and checked my phone. I had eleven missed calls, three from Christine and the rest from Andrew. I couldn't talk to either of them. If they found out Justin stayed the night or that we slept in the same room never the less the same bed they would flip, especially Andrew.

Remembering Justin was still in my room I ran into the kitchen,through living room and the hall way where my mom and little brother and sister slept. Once I was sure they were all asleep I went back to my room and cuddled back up to Justin. When he felt my head lay onto his chest I could've sworn that he smiled.

It couldn't hurt to pretend that we hang broken up just for today.

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