The one that got away

When Makayla (Selena Gomez) finally gets over her mysterious ex her world is turned upside down when he comes back. Now she must choose between both loves of her life. *finished*


3. Chapter 3)

"No, please don't go! You can't leave me, no please J...."

The sound drifted off as the blaring noise of my alarm woke me up.


" I can't believe I was dreaming about him, Christine, what am I going to do."

" Honestly I don't know! There is know way you can still be all hung up on him. "

" But I am! It's not my..."

" Omg! Look it's Andrew" Interrupted Christine, "Hey Andrew!"

" Christine please don't! "

" Andrew come here!"

Christine completely ignored me. Andrew gave us a short look and then began walking toward us.

I can't be around him. I get so nervous and shy around him, and he likes me so it's even more awkward. I need an escape. How can I get out of this? I need an excuse to leave.

As soon as those thoughts ran through my mind, I seen Mrs. Clark.

"Hey, Mrs. Clark! Can I talk to you real quick? It's about my test score."

With a quick motion from her I ran, and just in time to, Andrew was almost to us.

As soon as I was in the safety of Mrs. Clark's classroom I began to question her about the test and whether or not I could retake it.

"Makayla you are one of my top students and it's really not like you to fail a quiz like you did today. Have you been distracted lately?"

" uh, no. I've just been tired lately. "

" Ok as long as your..."

As Mrs. Clark sat there babbling on about if I had problems to tell her I noticed Andrew and Christine walk by in the hallway.

" Is he really here?"

" Yea and Makayla's mom said he's coming to her birthday party."

Who was coming to my birthday party? Was that why Christine had called and texted me so many times?

"Makayla? So are you going to make up the test?"

"Yeah. I mean uh, yes ma'am."

After spending half an hour making up a test that I had made an 70 on and I didn't really care about, I rushed to find Christine. I absolutely had to know what her and Andrew were talking about. When I couldn't find her, I went to my locker to get my things. Once I opened my locker a note fluttered down into my hands where I seen the name Andrew in chicken scratch on the front.

To Makayla

From Andrew

I slowly opened the note having a feeling I already new what it said.

I know I've asked you this a lot but this is the last time I'll ask you I swear. I've liked you for so long. Please be my girlfriend! You don't have to answer right away but I'm riding your bus today, answer me then?(:

Maybe I should say yes. It may help me get over him. It would also shut Christine up.


* three class periods later *

As I boarded the but I seen Andrew. Looking desperately at me. I sat down and passed him back the note. As he read it a wide smile grew across his face.

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