The one that got away

When Makayla (Selena Gomez) finally gets over her mysterious ex her world is turned upside down when he comes back. Now she must choose between both loves of her life. *finished*


2. chapter 2)

The next day I woke up to six annoying little screaming brats jumping on my bed yelling

"Kayla Kayla!!"

I grabbed my phone and it was about 12:30 and Neaveh's party had already started.

"Mom! Get these brats out of my room!"

"Neaveh, you and your friends come up here so we can do cake and ice cream while Kayla gets dressed!"

"Yay, Icecream and cake!!"

And with that they were up the stairs in seconds. I rolled over and seen ten missed calls and five text from Christine. Obviously it was important so I got up brushed my hair and teeth, got dressed, then called her.

*dial tone*


There was no answer so I tried again.

* dial tone *


After about the third time I went upstairs and helped settle the kids down for cake and ice-cream. Neaveh's cake was three layers of cookie cake with regular cake and icing between each layer. On top is said ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEAVEH~ In orange, yellow, pink, and green neon colors. It's was actually pretty cool looking. Right as we were about to bring out the cake one of the kids ran in with a small present

" Tell Neaveh this is my present Kayla! My mommy bought it and brought it here for me!!"

"No it's not Melanie it's mine! It's MY birthday an not yours!"

"Mom! the kids are fighting, I think we should open presents so there not a distraction any more."

"Ok Kayla, take them into the living room and I'll stay in the kitchen and finish decorating."

"Ok brats into the living room. Ready to open presents?"

The kids all ran into the living room and sat in the small camping chairs laid around the carpet. In the center was a table stacked high with about twenty gifts.

"This is going to take forever!"

I thought to myself. After placing all the cards in a bag and setting them aside I decided it would be easier just to skip straight to the presents.


An hour and twenty presents later and we were finally done. With six of the gifts being littles pet shop sets, five being remote control cars, four being little things like board games or movies, and the last five being full outfits. Now wanting to move to the next activity Neaveh, Melanie and the rest if her little friends began screaming that they were board and wanted cake.

"Kayla come in here and pass out cake while I give the kids party hats!"


Leaving the kids with my mother I entered the kitchen to get the cake and ice-cream ready. Bam! I came around the corner and ran smack dab into a life size card board cut out if Justin Bieber. As soon as my eyes focused again I noticed the whole kitchen was decorated in a purple, white and blue Bieber mania!

You've got to be kidding me...

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