My Lovely Stalker *CANCELED*

Annie Lovell, a normal girl, wanted to see One Direction at a concert. Everything runs smoothly, but all she wanted was to see Harry up close. She thought her dream of seeing Harry Styles up close was crushed and goes home.

She never knew that Harry actually noticed her beauty and decides to stalk her.


13. Something is wrong

Annie's POV

I saw Marcel walk out of the door and about 2 minutes later, I saw Harry,Liam,Louis,Niall,and Zayn come in.With Paul the bodyguard.Paul saw us and walked towards us.

-"Sorry girls you're going to have to leave.One Direction reserved this place for a while." Paul said.

-"It's okay Paul they're with us." Someone said.

I looked behind Paul and saw Harry heading to our table.Paul nodded and left to stand by the door because boy..there were a lot of fans trying to get in.The boys sat next to us and we started making random conversations.While Niall was quiet which was unusual.

-"You okay there Niall?" I asked.

-"He's been sad since the last concert we did." Zayn said.

-"Why is he sad?"

-"We don't know."

Suddenly Harry stood up and grabbed my wrist and took me to another table.

-"The reason Niall is sad because he missed your friend." Harry said.

-"Who?Karalyn the one at the other table right now?" I asked.

-"No.The other one."


-"Please call her.Niall won't eat!"

I gasped and I immediately.After 3 rings she picked up.


Kayla:What is it?

Annie:Could you come to Starbucks?Mandatory.

Kayla:I'll be there in a few minutes.

She hung up and we waited for a few minutes.While waiting I saw the other boys and Karalyn talking and eating.Niall wasn't.He was just slouching and was barely touching any food in front of him.I looked at Liam he was staring at Karalyn very...creepy.Suddenly I got a phone call.I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Kayla.I answered it and heard lots of screaming.



Annie:You okay?

Kayla:NO!There is a bunch of screaming girls outside and a big huge guy is blocking the door!

Annie:I'll come and get you just stay put!

I hung up and looked at Harry who was confused.

-"Kayla is trapped and can't get inside we need to get her." I said.

He nodded and we walked to the door.

-"Paul let us through." Harry said

He nodded and said good luck.He opened the door and he accompanied us so we won't get stepped on.I tried looking everywhere and no sight of Kayla.

-"Annie!" I heard someone say.

I looked to my right.Nothing.Then I looked at my left and saw Kayla she was getting squished so I made my way to her and hugged her.Then I realized...we're lost in a HUGE crowd of girls.

-"HARRY!?" I yelled.

-"PAUL!?" I yelled again.

I looked under and I looked back at Kayla who was frightened.

-"We're going to have to crawl under!" I yelled through the screaming of girls.

She nodded and we dropped to the ground and started crawling under.I got kicked sometimes and I saw Kayla who was also suffering from people kicking us.I looked forward and saw Harry on the ground curled up and his clothes were nearly gone.I grabbed him and at first he flinched and frightened but he knew it was only me.Kayla,Harry,and I got on our feet and made our way to Paul and got inside Starbucks.We then gasped for air and looked at the other guys and Karalyn.They looked at us funny and went back to their conversation.Niall didn't turn but I told Kayla about Niall.


Harry's POV

I curled up in a ball.My clothes were ripped but they weren't gone.I couldn't find Annie,Paul,or Kayla.Suddenly I felt someone grab me.I flinched and got more scared.I looked up and saw Annie.We stood up I saw Kayla behind her.We made our way to Paul and went inside gasping for air.We looked at the lads and they looked at us funny.They never knew we were in trouble.All I can say is that Kayla went to Niall.




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