My Lovely Stalker *CANCELED*

Annie Lovell, a normal girl, wanted to see One Direction at a concert. Everything runs smoothly, but all she wanted was to see Harry up close. She thought her dream of seeing Harry Styles up close was crushed and goes home.

She never knew that Harry actually noticed her beauty and decides to stalk her.


9. Shocker

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Annie's POV

I was looking down.Staring into his green beautiful eyes.He looked scared which confused me.I got up and ran after Roxy.She was on Ms.Parley's lawn....peeing.I grabbed up and carried her back to my house.I saw Harry still at my house.I was shocked that THEE Harry Styles is at my house!

-"I am so sorry for knocking you down!" I said.

-"It's okay love it happens." He smiled.

-"So what are you doing in my neighborhood?"

-"Just trick-or-treating with my little sister Gemma."

*Ring Ring*

I saw Harry pick up his phone.

-"Hello?Yes..Yeah..Okay.Bye." He said.

-"Well the boys called and we have to go Gemma." He said.

-"Oh okay!" She said.

He looked at me with an apologetic smile.

-"We have to go.."


-"Here's my number!I want to know you more."

He gave me his number and left.I looked at Karalyn who was smirking evilly.I shook my head and went upstairs going to my room.I sighed and went to sleep.What should I do with my life?

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