My Lovely Stalker *CANCELED*

Annie Lovell, a normal girl, wanted to see One Direction at a concert. Everything runs smoothly, but all she wanted was to see Harry up close. She thought her dream of seeing Harry Styles up close was crushed and goes home.

She never knew that Harry actually noticed her beauty and decides to stalk her.


14. Seeing You Again

   Niall's POV

Since the concert last night, all that I've been able to think about, was the girl sitting with Annie. No, not the blonde one. No, I think Liam's got an eye on her. I haven't been able to get my mind off the one next to her with the brown hair.

   She is just so beautiful! Her hair, her eyes, her smile! Everything! She actually smiled at me last night! I was so excited! Let's just hope that my excitement didn't show. But I haven't been able to eat, because I miss her! I know, weird right! But I've thought about forcing some food into my stomach, but the pain from maybe never seeing her again overpowered the pain in my abdomen.  I also haven't been able to sleep, and trust me, after a full day of singing and rehearsing, it's good to get at least a little bit of sleep.

   So, I'm sitting there, trying to eat, when Harry gets up and gestures to Annie to go with him. She nods at what he is saying, and soon pulls out her phone. She dials the number, and waits for the person to pick up. She hangs up and sits back down next to Karalyn. I hear her phone go off again, and she takes it out of her purse and takes a look. Before I know it, Harry and Annie are both rushing towards the door.

   About two minutes later, they come back in with a girl, and this isn't just any girl. This is the brunette that I can't stop thinking about! She walks over to me, pulls a chair out, and sits next to me!


   Liam's POV

When Harry texted me to come to Starbucks, I really and truly didn't want to go, like at all. But I didn't want to let him down. I mean what kind of friend would I be then?

   As soon as I showed up, I was immediately very proud of myself that I made myself come. The blonde one from last night was there. I had to find out her name! This has been bothering me ever since last night!

 - "So what are your names?" I asked the two girls sitting in front of me.

 - "I'm Annie, and this is Karalyn!" the one that Harry is literally in love with said.

 - "Well nice to meet you loves!" I exclaimed, as Karalyn blushed a bit.

   Not very long after we had sat down, I noticed that Harry and Annie were gone. Eh, probably not my business. So I took the advantage to start 'learning' about Karalyn.

 - "So what are you in to? Any talents? Hobbies?" I asked her eagerly.

 - "Ummmm... I love to sing, but I don't think I'm really that great at it." She said kind of  nervously.

 - "We'll be the judge of that! Sing!" I commanded.

 - "Oh, no! At least not in public! Maybe some other time." She said.

 - "Fine. Just know that I will remember that." I said teasingly.

She smirked a little, letting out a small laugh. She was so cute!

 - "So when are we coming over?" I asked her, with an evil smirk playing on my lips.

 - "Ummmm... I never said anything about coming over!" she jokingly.

 - "Well we've got to hear you sing!" I argued.

 - "Yup, we've got to her you sometime love!" Zayn said agreeing with me.

 - "Well, I'm free-" she began saying when Annie, Harry and another girl came back.

 - "What did I miss?" Annie said.

 - "Well, they are trying to weasel their way into coming over!" Karalyn exclaimed.

 - "Oh, is that so?" Annie said questioning us, as well as Karalyn.

 - "I'm free tonight." The girl that Harry and Annie had brought in.

 - "Great! Sounds good! Tonight it is then!" Louis said a little too excitedly.

 - "My place." Karalyn said. Giving us her address.

We had all said our goodbyes, which we knew were not final, and started to battle the chaotic fans outside.

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