My Lovely Stalker *CANCELED*

Annie Lovell, a normal girl, wanted to see One Direction at a concert. Everything runs smoothly, but all she wanted was to see Harry up close. She thought her dream of seeing Harry Styles up close was crushed and goes home.

She never knew that Harry actually noticed her beauty and decides to stalk her.


18. Pranks

   Harry's POV

   Last night was all a blur. I can't remember any of it. Somehow I woke up on a table, with Annie looking straight into my eyes.

 - "Harry..." she sang, "Time to get up!" I groaned, and started to lazily roll off of the table onto the floor.

 - "Harry! Are you alright?" Annie questioned me with a worried look in her eyes.

 - "I'm fine. I only rolled off of a table!" I retorted.

 - "Hey, I've got to show you something. Follow me." Annie commanded, taking my hand. "When I woke up, I saw this." she said pointing at Liam and Karalyn.

 - "Ohhhhh! We've got to do something to them!" I said quite excited.

 - "I don't think they know who they are touching, or that they are touching anyone. They were probably drinking too much. Like somebody else I know." she said sticking an eyebrow up at me.

 - "Hey! I apologize! Won't happen again! Promise." I promised Annie.

 - "Sure. Let's go find some sharpies!" She said, whilst laughing.

   She ran upstairs, while I was left to look downstairs, rummaging through all of these people's things, searching for a sharpie. Annie scurried back downstairs with a marker in her hand, as I held up the one that I found. We ran to the sleeping 'couple', and drew all over them. I drew on Karalyn, and Annie drew on Liam.

   I was having a lot of fun drawing on her. I might have gotten just a bit carried away. I drew on her forehead, "I'm mean". On her left cheek I wrote "I break", and on her right cheek I wrote "the rules". I looked over at Liam, who had "She's a sexy animal" with an arrow pointing at Karalyn. Oh! Is that just going to make both of them mad!

   We started back on their faces, when a little movement and groan came from Liam. We backed away quietly, and ran to put the markers back. We headed back to the main room where we were greeted with an angry Karalyn and Liam.

   They were standing there with their hands on their hips, and a furious look on their faces.

 - "Why would you do this?" Karalyn spoke.

 - "We thought it was funny!" I said, while grabbing my stomach, trying to contain my laughter.

 - "Well you thought wrong." Liam mumbled, while walking to get his phone.

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