My Lovely Stalker *CANCELED*

Annie Lovell, a normal girl, wanted to see One Direction at a concert. Everything runs smoothly, but all she wanted was to see Harry up close. She thought her dream of seeing Harry Styles up close was crushed and goes home.

She never knew that Harry actually noticed her beauty and decides to stalk her.


22. Brainstorming


 Karalyn's POV

 I've never been much of a social butterfly, but I do know who I should hang out with and who I best stay away from. And Cassidy and Lauren, I have a pretty good feeling about them. I've gotten pretty good at knowing who is a good influence and who isn't, based on if they can keep a secret. Most importantly my secret. I can't let my secret get out, because if it does, it will cause me, and mostly everyone around me a great deal of pain and agony. It can't slip.

 While I was trying to think of a good prank, Kayla came in.

 "Hey, Kara..." I knew she had either not bothered to learn my name, or had just simply forgotten it.

 "Karalyn" I said helping her out with a sincere look on my face. 

 "So, the others are brainstorming pranks, so I took this as an opportunity to ask you a question."

 "Fire away!"

 "Ok, so what is going on with you and Liam?" 

 "To be truthful, I really have no idea. I mean, at the moment we are just friends, and I think it will probably stay that way."

 "Why do you say that?"

 "I'm not that good in relationships." I said looking down at my feet.

 "Hey- look at me." Kayla said lifting my face, which was now stained with soft, quiet tears. "I can fix that. And so can those girls over there!" She said pointing to Annie, Cassidy and Lauren. "We can do this. Hey, you know what?"

 "What?" I said while wiping my tears, and letting out a small chuckle at her cheesy remark.

 "Why don't we go shopping for a little while, and brainstorm some ideas!" Kayla finished, and went to the other girls spilling her plan.

 Before I knew it, we were heading to the mall. Annie, Lauren, Cassidy, and Kayla were all trying to come up with a prank. There final decision was to put whipped cream in each of the boys hands, and tickle their noses with a feather, like what you see in the movies. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and spoke up. 

 "Guys! That can't be the best you can come up with!" I exclaimed.

 "No, actually that's about all we've got." Lauren said frowning.

 "Shocker!" I whisper-yelled. "How about-"


 I know it's a pretty crummy chapter, but I promise it will get better from here. Just think of it as a transition. Love you guys forever and always! 

   - karalyn_joy3

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