5th years

*a dramione fanfic*

Its there 5th year. harry and ginny are happily dating and Ron and hermione, well, its complicated. they are on and off, but when hermione catches sight of a slytherin, not to mention the fact he's a pureblood, things get even more complicated. what happens when their secret relationship is discovered?


13. Traitor in our midst

     The next morning I woke up feeling fresh. I got dressed like I would on an average school day and headed down to breakfast.i sat down between harry and Ginny, Ron wasn't present. As I was eating several of malfoys cronies came up to give me notes from him, whenever this happened I made a big show of ripping them up and putting them into my pumpkin juice incase the person had been watching. 

         As I walked to charms I thought about how crestfallen Draco looked. Perhaps I was a bit rough on him after all it wasn't his fault the stalker had threatened me. The stalker, I think that will be what I call her.

         I walked into charms and I noticed a lot of fourth years on the room including Ginny.

"What happened?" I asked Ginny taking the seat in front of her since the one next to her was taken.

"professor sinistra is sick so we are having charms with you instead of astronomy" she whispered as flitwick got the classes attention.

          During the lesson we were practicing summoning spells "accio" and since I learned this last year it was pretty dull. Well It was dull until a note landed in from of me. As I opened it I hid it from the sight of Ron or harry. It said one sentence "midnight in the common room, come alone or else -a friend. 

     I  may not know who it was yet but I know it's a griffindor, and with that a plan began to form in my head.



****ok so don't hate me!! I have a schedule now! I will update every Saturday and Sunday so yeah. I will update once on Saturday and once on Sunday but if I don't then expect twice as many on Wednesday ok? Ok. Also what do you think the plan is? Who do you think is the stalker? Comment what you think!! Like, comment, favorite, fan me!!  ~sfi20~****

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