5th years

*a dramione fanfic*

Its there 5th year. harry and ginny are happily dating and Ron and hermione, well, its complicated. they are on and off, but when hermione catches sight of a slytherin, not to mention the fact he's a pureblood, things get even more complicated. what happens when their secret relationship is discovered?


14. The plan

        I only told one person about the note. I told Harry because I knew I could trust him, he even promised not to tell Ron. After charms we had DADA and it was a load of crap. Umbridge was the most biased, inconsiderate toad I have ever met. I might have spoken up but my mind was somewhere else. 

          After words we had lunch and me and Harry talked in the shade off on the grounds. "While we were in defense against the dark arts I thought of a plan," I began, "why don't I meet them and you hide with the cloak, no one will know your there!" 

      He thought about this for a second before nodding, "yeah I will have my wand ready incase anything happens!" He reasoned. Soon the plan was set, we spent the rest of lunch smoothing out the details. If they wore there cloak I would wait till the right time, then give Harry the signal. He would proceed to pull down her hood before they could stop us. 



       At about eleven thirty we headed down. Harry wore his coat and stood near the fire place, meanwhile I sat on the couch. I began to get nervous as the clock ticked closer to twelve. Finally as soon as the clock struck twelve a figure came down the stairs. I could tell it was a woman, the same woman as before, and I had to fight the urge to pounce.

      "What do you want!" I asked as she sat. " just to talk" she replied her voice sounding as if she were purposely trying to make it deeper. "I don't make a habit of associating with murderers" I spit the words like venom. 

     "Now now I only did what had to be done, i only did what my boss said" she said and I lost it. Her voice sounded so familiar but I couldn't place it. I coughed into my hand, signaling to Harry to pull her hood down. 

Her head turned as Harry pulled back on the hood exposing his hand. We both fell into shocked silence as we saw who it was. It was my best friend. It was the person who knew all my secrets. It was Ginny.   



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