5th years

*a dramione fanfic*

Its there 5th year. harry and ginny are happily dating and Ron and hermione, well, its complicated. they are on and off, but when hermione catches sight of a slytherin, not to mention the fact he's a pureblood, things get even more complicated. what happens when their secret relationship is discovered?


18. Harry Potter and the creepy visions

    "So, how did you know that I was in trouble?" I asked Draco. He took his time answering and stared out at the lake. "Well," he chose his words carefully, "I overheard you and Harry talking, so I decided to sneak into the common room the make sure you were ok." 
    "why were you listening in on our conversation?" There was something he wasn't telling me. "I was jeadghvbb" he trailed off. "What was that?" I asked. "I was jealous ok!" He said sheepishly. "The Draco Malfoy was jealous?" I mocked. "Shut up!" He groaned. "You spend all that time with Harry, how was I not supposed to be jealous!" He exclaimed. "Well at any rate, I'm glad you did" I said leaning against him. "I love you" he said. "I- I love you to" I said overjoyed. He leaned over and kissed me gently before standing up and pulling me to my feet. 
    "Hermione!!!" Harry yelled running across the courtyard towards us. "Harry what are you doing?!" I exclaimed. "Something have to tell private" he panted. "If you can tell me then you can tell Draco," I said indignantly. "Fine, I've been having visions of a door for months, but last night I went through it and saw Sirius being tortured" he said rapidly. "Woah wait a second, did you say Sirius, like Sirius black?" Draco sounded alarmed. "I may of not told you that we are friends with an estranged killer who also happens to be Harry's godfather" I smiled awkwardly. 
     To Dracos credit he took it in a stride. After fixing his robes he faced Harry, "so, when do we leave?" He asked. "Tomorrow." Harry stated. "Wait what!? What about exams! And homework! And classes!" I exclaimed. "'Mione we can study later!" Draco said. "Fine." I grudgingly agreed. "This will be fun" Draco rubbed his hands together. Now we just have to figure out a plan." Harry smiled. Great, this will be so fun, (note the sarcasm.)



***sorry I didn't update yesterday! I have some family problems and I wasn't in a state to write anything. But I'm not going to bore you with my problems. Expect another chapter on Wednesday to make up fire the missed one yesterday:) bye my minions***

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