5th years

*a dramione fanfic*

Its there 5th year. harry and ginny are happily dating and Ron and hermione, well, its complicated. they are on and off, but when hermione catches sight of a slytherin, not to mention the fact he's a pureblood, things get even more complicated. what happens when their secret relationship is discovered?


19. Caught in the act

"First you need to see if its true, contact Sirius and make sure." Draco advised. "How? The ministry is monitoring all communication in and out of hogwarts." I piped up. Draco stood up and paced the empty classroom we were in so we could talk. "Not everything, umbridge wouldn't want anyone to monitor her own conversations. Especially the ones made using floo powder" Draco smiled. "Brilliant!" Harry said, "I could kiss you!" "I'd prefer if you left that to me." I joked. It was strange to see these two boys who were once mortal enemy's getting along this well. "Guys I think your forgetting something." I pointed out. They looked at me with blank expressions. "Your forgetting about umbridge herself. She's not going to just let us into her office." I explained. Realization dawned in their faces. "I have a plan." I said after a minute. *********


      that day at about noon we began clearing people out of the hall in front of umbridges office, telling them there was a gas leak. Other than a few people everyone listened pretty well. We also got Neville and Luna involved since Ron was a traitor and Ginny was still in shock. After the hall was cleared we had the weasley twins convince peeves to start smashing things to draw umbridge away. It worked. Umbridge ran past us without saying anything, thankfully. We immediately sprung into action. Harry used a knife Sirius had gotten him to open the door and snuck in with the cloak. The rest of us kept watch outside the door. Much to soon we spotted umbridge only a few corridors away using the marauders map. "What do we do!" Draco asked alarmed. "Go, if umbridge catches you she'll tell your father and you'll get beat." I insisted.

                 "How'd you know ab-" "no time, go!" I pushed him. He took off running just as umbridge showed up, with half of the slytherin squad she had formed. "Grab them." She barked, and me Luna, Neville, Fred, and George made a run for it. Her goons caught all of us but Fred who took off and got away. "Now lets see what they were guarding" she smiled evilly. She opened the door and walked in. We wee forced through the door and to stand across the room from Harry. "Harry no!" I shouted trying to get him to run. No luck. Umbridge grabbed him from the fire and laughed wickedly. "Let me go!" He shouted. "Dumbledore will stop you!" Luna exclaimed. "Oh sweetie, didn't you get the news? Dumbledore is gone" he toad like smile widened. "Your lying." Harry said, but I knew she wasn't. Dumbledore Haden's been at breakfast this morning. I had to think fast so I said, "I'll tell you where the weapon is! Don't hurt me!" I had fake tears coming down now. The slytherin holding me groaned in disgust. "Weapon? What weapon?" Umbridge asked excited. "The weapon Dumbledore was building, in the forest!" I cried the 'tears' blurring my vision. "Tell me where it is" umbridge insisted. "It's complicated, I can show you but you will never find it on your own." I said. "Fine, bring the boy and let's go." She said gesturing for the slytherin to release Harry. Only then did I notice that Draco was part of the group, he was holding Fred and all our wands. "Help" I mouthed to him but he just winked at me. I relaxed and walked out the door, umbridge following me. I had a plan.

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